Nature has the best sources of effective anti oxidants, essential nutrients, and vitamins. By far olives contain all these with specific mention of vitamins A, D, and E. Olives contain fat in its mono-saturated form and are potent in retarding the signs of aging and treating various diseases. Using olive oil for stretch marks is known to be effective in erasing the dermal scars and can be attained by massaging the oil or drinking it.

How to Find the Best Olive Oil for Stretch Marks?
When purchasing the oil, make certain that you read carefully the label. Focus on the manufacturer of the oil. When the label says that it is 100% pure, don’t be misguided. It may sound appealing but it means that the oil is the lowest of quality. Oils labeled as “virgin” are better. When you see that grade of the oil is “refined,” this just means that it is produced with the use of chemicals, so beware. In the same manner, “light” olive oils means that they are produced chemically. “First cold press” and “hand-picked” are also better because the latter means that the extracted oils are not a product of overripe olives, while the former means that no heat is incorporated in the production of the oil.

Why Use Olive Oil for Stretch Marks?
Olive oil is effective to lose stretch marks on specific areas of the body. This is particularly true during pregnancy and weight gain where the skin is subjected to over-stretching. Olive oil contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which promotes the reconstruction of the skin’s tissues, making it an overall skin treat as it fights off not only those unwanted stretch marks but all other skin problems. The oil has the ability to soften the affected area and works even better if used together with Aloe Vera. There are various olive oil products that are specifically formulated to help lose stretch marks.

How to Lose Stretch Marks with Homemade Olive Oil Remedy?
If you opt to make your own home remedy using olive oil for stretch marks, there are two formulas that can be used. Formula tip #1 necessitates the mixing of equal parts of cocoa butter and olive oil. Cocoa butter for stretch marks has long proven its potency in diminishing the visibility of those dermal lesions. You can apply a generous amount of the mixture onto the affected area. Make a regular and constant tummy rub for stretch marks on stomach. The efficacy of the concoction lies in the regularity of usage. Formula tip #2 can be prepared by using the following ingredients:
½ cup of aloe gel
4 opened capsules of vitamin A
6 opened capsules of vitamin E
½ cup of olive oil

Mix all the ingredients together. After everything is well-incorporated, store the finished product in an airtight container and keep it refrigerated. After the cream has solidified, apply it generously onto the affected area. Again, make certain that you apply the product constantly on a daily basis.

Yes, it is indeed true that 90 percent of the women who undergoes pregnancy and weight gain will develop stretch marks on the skin. Fortunately enough, olive oil for stretch marks have proven its efficacy. Nevertheless, the efficacy of the oil for the removal of those unwanted marks depends on the individual skin type and genetic structure. It may or may not work for you. For speed up the action of the oil, it is recommended that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. If however olive oil will still not help lose stretch marks on your body, why not try to refer your condition to a specialist.

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Olive oil for stretch marks removal might be medically unfounded but those who have tried it can vouch for its effectiveness. Read this article and be educated on the best practices when purchasing the right grade of olive oil. Also, be prepared to learn how to make you own olive oil stretch mark cream.