Do you consider yourself on a spiritual path yet currently feel out of place? You are not alone. There is a growing trend towards individuals seeking deeper meaning in life today.

The majority of dis-ease is simply rooted in “our unconscious choice” to disconnect from who we really are and continue blindly forward, in exchange for financial stability or what is not necessarily best for us, but simply most familiar.

The good news is, just as our unconscious choice brought us all of what we have today, so can our “conscious” choices to seek spiritual & emotional wealth in life. What you seek all starts by simply understanding the basics of happiness, reflection upon your past choices, identifying your passions, & later pulling the trigger.


- Money and things owned, bring comfort but not happiness
- Income above monthly expenses brings happiness. However, income 2-3 times above expenses does not equal 2-3 times happiness
- Happiness often occurs when hard-earned money is exchanged for meaningful experiences
- It is the people, places & experiences that allow us to express our passions & love that bring happiness
- Without determining your “unique” & evolving passions, it is difficult to achieve a more constant level of happiness


You are not your present-day circumstances. Your present-day circumstances are simply a summary of your past choices, both good and bad and the result of those choices. Know that you made the best choices at the time and under the circumstances, however as you learn to “choose better,” spiritual and emotional wealth follows.

Understand that this life may not be a single life after-all. Life can be potentially a series of dramatically different lives all sewn together to support the evolutionary needs of the soul. There are no mistakes, just life lessons of comparing and contrasting of your past choices in order to make better choices to engage a brighter future.


Compassion and emotional reward in helping others is truly a double-edged sword. Many kind compassionate folks are often entangled in the lives of others, leaving them unaware of who they really are, what they feel, and what their passions are. As they are likely to help others, they often forget to help themselves in identifying and engaging their own independent passions that lead to meaningful experiences in life.

As a starting point, contemplate what interests and activities you find interesting outside of your existing social circle. What do you find yourself doing on the weekends or outside of your family & work responsibilities that engage you? What do you often do outside of work and family that you don't get paid to do? What old or new old activities that you find rewarding?

Consider purchasing books, doing online personality assessments, or attending low-cost self or spiritual development training seminars as a good self-reflection starting point to identifying your passions.


The speed of change, time & cost savings in working with a professional are often overlooked. Many people underestimate the benefit of a skilled soul-based adviser. It is in their life-long study and work with thousands of diverse clients that most effectively move clients forward to capture their dreams. As in choosing any psychic, visit their website and trust your intuition by selecting those whose general message resonates with you.


Reflection, discussions, and ideas may be the starting point, however without action, dreams remain only that … dreams. Remember, that it is in “taking action” based upon reflection & good advice that leads you to spiritual & emotional wealth.

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Mike Schopp is a Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant Counselor with 20+ years of working via Phone & Skype and offers a “Money-back Guarantee” on all readings. He has been a “guest psychic” on radio and has provided entertaining spiritual, psychic, & mediumship development courses & presentations in China, Thailand, England & USA. Educated at the Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Mediums in Essex, England and the California School of Psychology, he blends channeling with his professional experiences in counseling, career assessment, and organizational development to jump-start others to identify & achieve their soul's dreams.

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