One of the hardest things in life to do is take risks. Many people tell me they're not willing to sacrifice their security, and find risk-taking to be frightening. But once you realize that everything involves risk, your confidence becomes the cure for risk aversion. One survey showed that in order for people to succeed in business they need self- confidence, drive and energy, the ability to deal with uncertainty and confusion, and finally, persistence. These attributes will come naturally when you are doing what you truly want to do. When you are pursuing Core Desires, you are willing to acquire knowledge, skills, and experience, and you have the will to persist.

If your own self-confidence is low, borrow some from those who are confident. Follow their advice and become like them. If you wanted to learn how to swim but were afraid of water, you'd take lessons from a swimming instructor. You would borrow from their faith and confidence, do exactly what they said, and before long you'd be swimming. Still, at some point you would have to take the risk and get in the water without your instructor at your side.

It takes time to learn, but your confidence will be higher once you start down that path under the advice of a successful guide. So define your Core Desires clearly, and gain the motivation to invest time and effort to attain them. As you do so, your confidence will grow quickly.

Many people dart from one hot deal to the next, like moths to a flame, thinking each will be their golden opportunity but getting burned every time. Why? Because they don't change or become the kind of person it takes to make money from any business opportunity.

Many income opportunities exist, and many individuals who get involved make a great deal of money. And yet many more individuals get involved in the same opportunities and never achieve financial success. Although the company, the products, the training, and the commission structures are the same for everyone, only those who are truly dedicated to their Core Desires will ever have the success they seek.

Success-or failure-in any opportunity is caused by something within the heart and mind of the individual. It is the Core Desire and a willingness to grow and become more.

When someone says they'll try, they are preparing to walk away from the situation later with their head held high, telling anyone who cares to listen, "I did my best." Core Desires eliminate "best shots." Persistence and determination play a big role in attaining your financial objectives. If you set out to achieve something with the determination created by a Core Desire, you will have the
persistence to accomplish it.

Although I failed in several business ventures, I persisted. Don't say you don't have the time to do what needs doing in your financial area. Don't say you can't strain and stretch to achieve financial peace of mind. Just figure out whether you want it badly enough to do whatever it takes. If you want it enough, you will find you can handle things that you never thought possible.

I know scary things can happen in the area of finance. Most successful people have had to struggle financially. Some have even had to file for bankruptcy. But because of their Core Desires, they never give up. A mentor's main role is to shorten your learning curve.

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