Everyday you are probably given an opportunity (or two!) to take one simple action that will change how your thinking and feelings. What is it? It’s stop….complaining. Forthe next couple of days do an internal audit of how often you have a complaint about something or someone. Just pay attention to that one thing.

Then, after observing yourself and developing an awareness of the habit, apply one of the following three:

1. Take a gumball, the biggest you can find and chew it. You cannot talk until you move that gumball out-of-the-way. The idea….take time to think before you say something – haha!.

2. Apply the old adage “If it doesn’t serve, don’t say it.” So, unless what you have to say is helpful keep it to yourself.Zip it!

3. Be the ‘other’. Take 15 seconds and imagine what the other person is trying to say or do. Instead of complaining about them, can you offer a hand? For example, if someone cut you off while driving to work was it deliberate or are they simply in a hurry for a reason you don’t know? If someone seems to be messing up – are you sure or do you just not see it the same way?

Bonus idea: Remember, you make mistakes too…how would you like to be treated when that happens?

Go ahead…try! See what happens. If you find the way to apply these ideas you will benefit by becoming less stressed, less worried and more fun to be with.

Warmly, Cheryl (Certified Professional Coach)


Author's Bio: 

Cheryl has been helping people move through change since 1999. In 2006 she launced her own coaching practice, Wingspan Life Coaching.