Prior to knowing about the Orgone pendulum, it is imperative to know that what is Orgone? Basically it a form of cosmic, ubiquitous energy which is present throughout nature and in almost all living things. This energy is also known as kai, chi, prana which is the life force through which we all are connected. And the Orgonite is the way which channelizes this energy through the combination of clear layers of resin, precious metals, and organic materials.

Usually the combination of fiberglass or urethane, gold or copper, and crystals. So, this vital energy when layered in the form a pendulum, it is known as Orgone Pendulum. You can buy Original Orgone Pendulum from Orgone India.

Effect of Pendulums

The pendulums contain a variety of crystals. You may find the same in amethyst, lapis lazuli, green aventurine, or another potent gem and so on.Orgone pendulum persistently transmutes the lower indistinguishable energy attracted from nature into higher lucid frequencies innate in the crystalline marks of the stones.

The Orgone pendants are known to strengthen the body's vitality field, shielding you from man-made radiation and negative vitality. For individuals who are delicate to vitality, wearing or holding Orgone brings a prompt feeling of serenity, unwinding, balance and general prosperity.

How does this work?

Hold this pendulum with a consistent hand, and ask for its heavenly astuteness. Enable it to answer you as it swings north-south, east-west, or in a roundabout movement. Keep in mind, it can just answer "yes" or "no". When you know how your pendulum moves with your vitality, you will have the capacity to find answers to things obscure!

So, in a single Orgone Pendulum, you will find all the divine magic together such as power, chakra healing and so on. Surely you will get benefited with it. For top quality Orgone Pendulums visit at

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Jatin Pandya is owner, designer and founder of Orgone India, located in India. Orgone India offers comprehensive collections of top quality Orgone Energy Products includes Orgone Pyramid, Orgone Generator, Orgone Pendulums, Chakra Set and many more.