What are you seeking in your relationship with money? In life? What do you wish were different? Money can be a tool to transform your life in more meaningful ways. As a tool, it may facilitate the path of true fulfillment that comes from living your life intentionally and from purpose. The source of money, and of all things, exists within each of us. You hold the keys to manifesting the reality you choose, including money, abundance, ease, and flow. You can harness this power along with creativity and knowledge and live your best life, reinvent yourself and your destiny. In ancient Greece, money gave rise to intellectual, artistic, and spiritual growth and discovery. The same is possible today. Your ability to change and manifest your reality is in direct relationship with your level of consciousness. If you desire your relationship with money to change, you need to be willing to look at your present beliefs and how you acquired them. As your awareness grows, you'll have choice about what you believe and what you will do; this will allow you to realize your own power to manifest whatever you desire.

Money possesses an energy and life of its own. It contains a duality similar to that found in our own nature. It is both spiritual and material, creative and destructive, loving and cruel. It can help us fulfill our greatest dreams or cause us to be defeated by our worst nightmares. There are two sides to every coin or bill. One side represents our individual and collective ability to master the material world. The other side represents our ability to master the spiritual dimension or inner world. It is this inner resource that we want to tap.
We cannot control money, but by understanding it, we can obtain what we need. Money's value changes not only in relation to the economy, but in relation to our consciousness. Money remains a subject that is neither taught nor widely understood. Wealth doesn't make personal or psychological problems disappear; in fact, it often magnifies them. Having all the freedom and options in the world can be a terrible burden to even the most well-adjusted person, and this is even more true if you do not understand your relationship with money. This is why most people who win the lottery or receive some other large windfall experience extreme stress over the money and no longer have much, if any, of it left after five years.

Only one thing is real: your connection to Spirit, whatever you call it and however you define it, and your faith in Spirit. There is no other security. Money, as much as we wish for it to, does not provide security and we can't control it. Recent economic events are proof of this. Without our connection to Spirit, we will never feel that we are loved enough, that we have enough, that we are enough. Without faith in Spirit, we won't pursue true fulfillment, regardless of how much money we have or what we try to fill our lives with. Wealth without consciousness is another state of poverty. The real journey is not about money; it's about YOU, who you really are, what your path and purpose are, and how to fulfill that purpose and live a life of ease, delight, flow, success, and abundance in accordance with your own definitions and values. Money may act as an obstacle to this journey or it may pave the way. It's very challenging to fulfill your purpose in life if money is not flowing optimally. If money isn't flowing optimally, Money Mastery can be invaluable.

This article contains excerpts from Money Magic by Deborah Price. The book, Money Magic, is available on the site of the Money Coaching Institute www.money-therapy.com and on Amazon.

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KAMILA HARKAVY is a coach ( Certified Results Coach, Money Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, and Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner) who works with spirit-minded people, pariticularly entrepreneurs, on their Inner Game of Money as a means to achieve greater satisfaction, freedom, fulfillment, and joy in life and to discover and fulfill one’s life purpose.
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