We all find ourselves wanting to be outdoors more in the summer months with the abundance of sunshine, warmer temperatures, the sounds of the birds chirping and the longer days. I know that being outdoors always makes me feel much more relaxed and less stressed than being inside looking at all of things I could be doing!

How can we enhance our outdoor living areas so that we can enjoy them to the fullest and maybe even incorporate things that can be done not only in the summer months but more long term? Many people tend to search for nice, comfortable patio sets for their decks or patios, some like the therapeutic feeling of potting plants and gardening, while others of us will just pull up an old lounge chair to sit in the sun with a book. No matter what you like to do outdoors why not create a haven where more birds will come to chirp, more people can enjoy the area and, of course, a place where you would like to spend all your time because it makes you feel good inside?

First you will want to create a focal point for your patio, deck or garden areas. Outdoor fountains make perfect focal points and have the added benefit of producing relaxing water sounds to help you relax and ease that stress away. A garden or patio fountain will also bring life to your décor with the moving water. Birds love it and if you have a pet, they too will be relaxed by the sounds of flowing water. Outdoor water fountains come in all sizes, materials and price ranges so you are sure to find one that will accent your outdoor living spaces perfectly.

Another thing that will accent your living spaces and make it more enjoyable is to personalize your space. You can do this with an engraved garden stone. By choosing a phrase that is meaningful to you or helps you remember someone or something can be very comforting to see this stone everyday when you go outside. You may also add a relaxing hammock to your yard or deck, always a comfortable seating place to relax with a book! Wind chimes are another favorite of mine. I love the soft chiming they make and they add a little something to my deck area.

If you love nature and like to be outside but don’t always have the time to hike through the woods to hear the nature sounds and babbling brooks, bring nature to you. There are many ways to decorate your patio or deck quite inexpensively. You will quickly find that a soothing outdoor water fountain will bring serenity and peace to your home and gardens and definitely help take your mind off the stressful things in life for a bit of relaxation for a little bit of money.

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