When you reach a point in your life that you realize that alcohol is creating problems, then you know that a change is required. Some people drink far more than the doctor recommends but are completely happy with the effect upon their life and their health, and that's fine; you are the person living you life and you are the only person who can choose when the detrimental effects outweigh the benefits.

We all know what we should do so as to give ourselves the best chance of enjoying optimal health, but at the same time, most of us make compromises along the way. We may walk around in the sunshine and omit to put on sunscreen, we may smoke, or stay up late and not get enough sleep, or work long hours and not take time off, or omit to get some exercise, or eat junk food, or eat too much red meat; the list of compromises which we make goes on and on.

The effect of alcohol dependency, however, is possibly the compromise which creates some of the worst negative effects. The loss of control which is created has a far reaching impact, and the negative cycle of effect which is triggered can be quite phenomenal. If you feel that your control is slipping and everything around you seems to be sliding away, then it is probably time for a change. But, as I said before, you are the only person who is qualified to make decisions about what matters to you or not in your life.

The first step in overcoming alcohol dependency is the making of that decision; deciding to change and to seek a cure for alcohol dependence orients you in the right direction. You start the search for alcohol addiction treatments and you start to weigh up your options. A change of lifestyle is usually required. It is necessary to start asking yourself a lot of questions beginning with "Why?"

Why do you drink?
What does alcohol do for you?
Why did you start drinking in the first place?
Is that reason still relevant or has it changed over the years?
Why do you need the relaxing/mood lifting/confidence building effect?
What other way could you achieve this effect without experiencing side effects?

Alcohol abuse tends to become a habit. Often you just do it, without even knowing why. In asking yourself these types of questions you allow yourself to get back in touch with the real reasons why you started drinking and identify what you really need beneath the veil of alcohol. There are always going to be other ways in which to achieve the positive effect you were seeking at the bottom of the bottle.

Perhaps you felt tense, or lacked confidence, or were feeling under pressure. Perhaps you just wanted to forget, to wipe your memory clean. Maybe you just wanted to have fun. When you consider any of these potential triggers tor alcohol problems, you can see that each involves a desire to change a feeling, to change state.

Feelings are preceded by thoughts. Thoughts are what create emotions which in turn create actions or behavior. Even if you really do believe that your alcohol dependency is just habit, you will also realize that habitual actions are based upon habitual thoughts. To enable a change in behavior, a change in the way in which you think is at the heart of the issue.

You may think that you problem is that you are addicted to alcohol. But even so, your addiction is more likely to be to the habit of alcohol abuse than to the chemical reaction which ensues.

If you want to overcome alcohol dependency, you have to change the way in which you think and hypnosis will be a wonderful help in doing this.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads for health and well being.

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