Do you find yourself sitting outside of the gym willing yourself to go inside?

Is there a pile of paperwork that needs to be done but you are always finding a way to divert you attention?

Or is there a dream project that you want to start but never seem to get out of the gate.

Procrastination and lack of motivation are at epidemic proportions in our lives and we need a cure right now.
When people come to see me I love to shock them with a simple statement.

It is “Organized people are lazy people”.

You may wonder how that can be. Well, organized people get things done quicker use less brain space trying to track open loops and can relax more knowing that things are getting.

How is it they use less brain space?

When we have incomplete tasks then we must keep a track of them in our brain. This means a constant stream of reminders get sent to our conscious mind. If we forget the task then we get stress and anxiety from the consequences of forgetting it.

Physical objects or location triggers can set off a conscious reminder; hence anything we may be doing might get interrupted by the recollection of an incomplete task.

They say “never put off what you can do today” but many are familiar with the self-deception of “I’ll do that later”.
The reality of course is that if we do it now then life gets a whole lot easier, but then logic doesn't always come into it.

In my experience there are a few reasons I believe we don’t get things done:

1) Habit of leaving things to the last moment
2) A limiting belief (such as perfection is required)
3) Starting something means facing a less than desirable truth
4) Lack of organizational strategy

For most people number 4) is probably the easiest to deal with. Simply put a system in place to improve results.

For example most people have a smart phone. You can easily use a voice memo system to record ideas or things to be done and/or put it into a task management system. Many times you can just use voice to enter a task.

If its bills that are a problem, then a person can create a filling system of in-trays and out-trays combined with the calendar scheduling a reminder to pay.

However in my experience the other 3 are a little more complicated as they require us to delve into the subconscious reasons as to why we don’t start something.

In my following article I will discuss how you can transform your life by just simply changing your programming!

Author's Bio: 

Gareth Graham is a Clinical Hypnotherapist working globally from within Australia. He has over 5,000 hours of clinical hypnosis session experience and is a results driven therapist. Whilst more than capable of resolving a vast array of issues his areas of specialty are Anxiety, Depression, Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation.