Overcoming Fear to Reach Your Full Potential

Have you ever started a project or set out to do something but stopped right in the middle of it or worse, quit before you even got started. Or have you ever envisioned yourself doing something, like speaking in public or owning your own business, but never even tried to go for it? What was stopping you? Why didn’t you just forge forward and begin taking the steps to reach your goal? The answer is fear.

Most people don’t even realize they have fear or that fear is the reason they don’t reach their goals and dreams. Some people think it’s their background or how they were raised or due to something that happened to them in the past. But the fact is there are hundreds of thousands of people in the world who come from worse backgrounds and situations than you, yet they are now highly successful or even famous. What was the difference? If they can do it why can’t you?

I’m here to tell you, “YOU CAN”! All you have to do is learn to work past fear to reach your full potential. Now, that may not sound easy, and it’s probably not going to be easy, at first. And there may be different situations that bring up different fears inside of you. However, you can learn to push past the fear and do it anyway.

The first step in learning how to push past the fear is recognizing when fear is present. Have you ever had an idea then quickly dismissed it? Or have you ever had a desire for something big but pushed the thought away? Learn to recognize what is going through your mind, how you’re feeling, and what you’re envisioning at that moment. If your immediate thought is something like “I could never have that” or “It must be nice”, stop yourself right then and there. Examine yourself, your feelings and your thoughts. The only thing holding you back is fear.

Fear comes in all different forms for different people. Some people are more fearful than others and then there are those who seem to have no fear at all. However, those who seem to have no fear at all, but actually, truthfully, they have fear. They’ve just learned to push past their fear. And so can you.

Whether your level of fear is enormous and seems to stop you no matter what you want to do in life, or whether your level of fear is on a smaller scale, you can learn to push past your fear to reach your goals and dreams. But, you most likely aren’t going to be able to do it on your own. If you could you’d be reaching your goals and dreams right now and wouldn’t be reading an article on learning how to work past your fears.

Find someone you trust and someone who won’t feed into your fears to help you learn to truly work through your fears so you can reach your full potential.

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