A set of theoretical twin universes that co-exist concurrently as our own are called parallel universes, also known as parallel worlds, multi-verses or meta-universes. Science fictions and TV programs often use parallel universes as an explanation for strange phenomena. They were once purely science fiction, but gradually, scientists in physics and philosophy and even theology started to contemplate into the possibility of parallel worlds as a reality and understand how they work. Although, presently there are a lot of contending theories in regards to the concept of parallel worlds. The basic idea is that if the universe is infinite, then simply pretty much everything that could take place has occurred, is taking place, or could happen. The science that seeks answers to phenomena that cannot be explained by the ordinary laws of physics and science is called quantum mechanics. Possibilities of parallel universes travel have been thought of since 1956 with the use of quantum mechanics.

Hugh Everett, an American Physicist, created a complete theorem which presented his idea pertaining to alternative realities. He developed the concept of parallel universes to describe the theory that each possible outcome of every single choice we have, actually does happen. Although we are only aware of the one road, there are many various other roads that are taking place simultaneously and every selection generates much more alternative roads. While in this universe you may choose path A, an alternate you will choose path B in a parallel universe. The existence of parallel universes is hotly debated. Some people declare that meta-universes exist close to us. These people believed that spirit-like entity such as ghosts may be nothing more than people from alternate universes which somehow move into our reality. Another theory is that parallel universes exist in another dimension, one beyond the four dimension world we dwell in. A growing number of scientists get involved with this field of research and study.

The Big Bang of our Universe, according to a current field of scientific study, is connected to a theory that the Big Bang was actually the result of two universes colliding. Some scientists are now saying that the big explosion we perceive as the beginning of our existence could actually be the consequence of two universes colliding, subsequently producing a new universe. Science may not currently be able to prove the existence of parallel worlds, but it doesn't mean that they are not reality either.

A number of individuals claim that moving from one universe to another is already possible and the process is called thought transference.
Quantum Jumping - some scientist have believed that in order to change your location (where you are), you just need to transform your frequencies or thought pattern.
Several people do believe that an alternate or parallel universe is not just made for science fiction even though the idea is not yet proven. Science is significantly moving forward with possibilities about alternate universes. It is a true phenomenon which requires more research.

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