Most working parents find being calm and peaceful a challenging feat. Unless, you are living your passion, enjoying your work and it does not feel like work to you. Otherwise, going to work becomes a chore. You dread to go to work. You come home stressed and tired. Do you think you could talk calmly to your teenagers? Do you think you could show respect to them?

If you are looking or expecting for respect from your teenagers, you have got to first respect them. This is a time where they watch you like a hawk. This is what they are thinking "If you want me to respect you, show me first." You are my parent, you are supposed to be my role model.

Teenagers expect congruency. If you tell them "I expect you to show some respect, I am your parent, don't ever raise your voice when you are talking to me!" Either they ask you "Then why are you raising your voice when you are talking to me?' or they walk away, or worst still, they shout back at you. This is a reflection of how you are with them. Respectful parents begets respectful teenagers.

How many parents honestly are aware of this reflection? What you expect from teenagers is what you have to do first. Simple but not easy. First, if you are a busy parent, it is unlikely that you have that sense of balance to be calm and peaceful. If you are rushing from one place to another with no work life balance, it would be a challenge to be calm and peaceful. Add to that, if you don't enjoy your work, you get angry very easily. It's impossible to be calm and show respect when you are communicating with your teenagers.

Find something that you are passionate about so that you can enjoy your work and feel good inside. When you feel good inside, being calm and peaceful is likely to be within your reach. Showing mutual respect when communicating to your teenagers becomes a positive habit.

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Dolly Yeo is the chief coach and founder of Mindset Coaching that specialises in life coaching. She is a Results Certified Coach (Australia).
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