One of the biggest concerns many parents have when throwing a children's party is food and the right amount of sugary junk. If we take the attitude that it's a party, it doesn't happen every day, so go crazy with sugary treats. Or we show concern for the health problems of today's society and set a good example with many healthy nutritional elements and nothing red in sight.

Well, before even thinking about what to serve, how about thinking about how to serve it? Regardless of the food you choose to serve, you can at least control portion sizes by arranging the food in equal portions before putting it on the table.

As you know, kids have a habit of grabbing, so one of my favorite delivery styles is putting food in a box or party bag. Works great with younger kids as you can make sure everyone gets a little of everything instead of little Bobby grabbing all the chocolate chip cookies before anyone else sees them. It is also a great way to transport food to a park or other location as it is already neatly stored and can be put in the trunk of the car without making a mess.

A plain brown paper bag works great, as long as it's the flat-bottomed kind. You can use a colorful bag from a craft store or even a small inexpensive basket. I have a collection of these baskets that I bought for $ 1 at a discount store. I spray painted them in different colors and my friends and I have used them.

If using a bag, just stack all of your finger food inside, fold the top, and seal with a colored tag. Also write each child's name on the bag or box, as this method will allow you to easily meet their specific dietary needs. Using a basket, place the traditional napkin on the base and then load with the goodies, sandwiches, fruits, mini crisp bags and a cup cake, etc. Talk about easy portion control!

If you're using a table, you can still have some portion control by serving the food in one sitting and then putting it away when everyone is done. A buffet-style delivery works well with teens, but leaving food on a party table can be tricky with little fingers around. It also means you can stay in control of who is doing what and you won't be distracted by missing children who are often found raiding leftover fries ... and eating them under the table.

Be sure to check with parents before the day they receive information about any allergies or special dietary needs their child may have. To be safe, I always recommend avoiding anything with nuts at parties, as many children these days are allergic to them.

Sarah Gasu didn't win The PartyMum title by taking her little ones to MacDonald's birthday. She earned it because she's crazy about children's parties.

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