CBD or industrialized legal cannabis is quite new to the UK and so are all the different types of CBD products on offer. In this post I wanted to explain one of the most popular CBD products - the CBD Vape Pen that is used to inhale CBD vape oils and other CBD e-liquids for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. Again, since the cannabis culture is quite new here, there aren’t as many good options of CBD Vape pens for sale in the UK as there are in the US, but I have come across a particular good one that is almost on par so I will share that here.

Vape Pen for Sale

What is a CBD oil Vape Pen?

A CBD vape pen is a vaping device that looks just like a pen but is made for inhaling CBD by heating CBD vape oils, vape juices or e-liquids stored within the cartridge connected to the vape pen. It is thin, lightweight and portable. Features such as these, make the CBD vape pen the ultimate vaping device when you’re in public and want to be discreet.

Now choosing the right vaping device depends entirely on your usage. If you are looking to limit the amount you vape and want to get a stronger hit when you do then I would suggest vaping CBD vape oils. This is the strongest, purest and healthiest way to vape CBD being that it is just hemp extract and natural terpenes with no other carrier liquids mixed in.

CBD vape oil is highly concentrated with high amounts of CBD, making it thicker and viscous. So you will need a special CBD vape pen sometimes called a cannabis / marijuana vape pen that is a more powerful device able to heat up and activate the CBD content.

What is the best of the CBD vape pens for sale?

As said there aren’t as many high quality vape pens for sale in the UK compared to more mature markets, like the US. However, I recently came across the Paso CBD vape pen that gets close. Their vape pen is a 510 thread which means it’s compatible with the biggest range of cartridges in the market. Moreover, although made specifically for CBD vape oil, this little marvel is actually multipurpose in that it works with both CBD vape oils and thinner CBD e liquids. This is due to its adjustable 3 level voltage settings that you can change depending upon the CBD vape liquid you wish to vape.

Due to the thickness of CBD vape oil, you can’t refill the CBD Vape Pen cartridges on your own so you will need to buy a new CBD Vape Oil Cartridge every time it is finished. Thankfully Paso also sells a great range of high strength CBD vape cartridges that also work best with their CBD vape pen.

This is why Paso stands out from its competitors in the UK for me with its all-in-one Paso CBD Vape Pen and vape cartridge offer. In my mind, it may well be one of the best vape pens for sale in the UK that I’ve found to date.

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