"Practice what you preach"

"Be your authentic self"

"Living in integrity"

"Actions speak louder than words"

What the heck does that actually mean?

In this advanced technical world where most communication is electronic, where you may never even meet your best friend in real life and have a face to face conversation... how do you create a REAL version of yourself.

How do you not get caught up in the illusions and exaggeration, how do you live passionately and fully self-expressed?

Do you create a persona? are you just a mask that people hope they know? Do you act differently around some people?

Here is what I think...

* Practice what you preach - tell the truth and tell it often, be transparent
* Be your authentic self - Communicate openly and honestly
* Living in integrity - Follow your passions and your truth, with unwavering faith
* Actions speak louder than words - Show your heart with your actions

My Core Values and How I know I am following them

* Passion - I am writing here... I am sharing my story so that others know they are not alone.
* Integrity - My actions speak louder than my words
* Authenticity - whether you chat with me online, on the phone, at a workshop, or just for coffee.... I am me
* Spirituality - Every day I am filled with gratitude for all I have
* Creativity - I spend 16 hours a day brainstorming new and exciting things
* Responsibility - I happily choose taking care of my family over all else

So what does it mean to be Passionate and Fully Self-Expressed?

To me...

... following your dreams passionately and communicating your journey so others can learn with you...

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