It is impossible to have past lives in this lifetime. It does not make sense.

However, if you look at the concept, it does SEEM like parts of my life were like a past life, a dream which never happened.

Just think about periods in your present life. How much do you remember? How much do you remember of when you were 5 years old, 8 years old, or 12 years old? You thought differently and the feeling tones you had were different than today.

I see MANY periods which were like a past life in my present lifetime--like when I was young and with my family being raised, my college days, my time spent at every job I have had, raising my children, and my relationships.

And even if I reminisce deeply I realize I have forgotten a lot. I have trouble remembering last week. And I always did have trouble remembering, even in my 20's, so it's not my just "getting" old.

My daughter is now 27 and I discussed this with her. I had gotten an old video of when my kids were growing up converted to a DVD and sent her a copy. I asked her if she could relate to that little 6 year old girl she was. She said it was her and it wasn't in that she had changed so much over time with growing up and with life's experiences. .

I said, isn't it like a past life--like a dream? Although her being 6 years old did happen, she found it hard to relate to because of how she felt and thought then, with what she knew, and how she is now. She agreed that it was like a dream, like a past life.

I look back at my college days, which were great fun, and it is a total dream---something which never happened, although it did.

Two months ago is like a past life in that so much has changed. The group of friends I had, have broken apart due to "moving" and now our "get togethers" seem like a dream---a past life.

So..what do you remember about last night, this morning, 19 minutes ago, or even a minute ago. All dreams !

Whatever age you are, go back and remember 10 years ago, or 5 years. Were those periods like a dream, like a past life?

10 years from now, writing this article will be like a dream. I do not know if I will even remember it.

Since I cannot go back and re-experience these periods of time, I can only work with the here and now.

And in thinking about these lost periods of time, I realized even more that I need to savor the life I am experiencing right now...and enjoy it as best possible... in that it will be gone soon enough.

I now work on loving, as best possible, and doing what I want to do. I live in the moment as much as I can...which is easier said than done.

And, I realize will never have the moments I have right now again.

This thinking has helped me "be in the moment" more and enjoy more. The moments I experience now are better overall since my looking back on my past life dreams in this life and really "feeling" the loss of those times.

I hope this has helped in relating to the past and realizing that living in the moment, is the best way to be.

Thanks and Peace,

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Don Wadington
Good Chills Energy Channeler
Author of "The Chills Book" and "Feel Your Affirmations-A Secret" available in e-book format at Amazon's Kindle store