A few years back…well actually more than a few… I practiced traditional therapy. I used to call it peeling the onion. It took months, even years to slough off layers of denial, misinformation, myths, fears and get to the often forgotten root cause of an issue. Although my clients’ efforts were highly productive, the process seemed laborious. There had to be a better way, a more efficient method for accessing what lies beneath… in recesses of the subconscious.

While I had dabbled with hypnosis in grad school 30 years ago, I had no formal training until I found an excellent training center a few years ago. Learning how to access the subconscious mind made all the difference. Finally, there is quicker way to get to the core of a problem.

The path between the conscious mind and the subconscious is vigorously guarded by, for lack of a better word, a gatekeeper. Imagine what our lives would be like if we could easily penetrate the subconscious where all memory is stored. We would be bombarded by visions of times, places and events that might overload our emotions, whether they were pleasant recollections or not. It would be too much, which is why many memories, recorded much like data on a hard drive, can only be brought forth though hypnosis and therapy. The key is getting past the gatekeeper.

Therapy provides a method but takes time. Hypnosis gets there quickly. Therapy holds a valuable and esteemed place in healing and problem solving and I highly recommend it especially when addictions are involved. Hypnosis, however, answers specific questions and finds root causes in one’s current or past life more rapidly.

What about phobias? One of my clients had an irrational fear of horses. A Past Life Regression revealed he was trampled, leaving him in pain and crippled for many years. His soul did not forget the experience. Once the memory was reviewed in hypnosis, the fear of horses dissipated. In Many Lives, Many Master’s, by Past Life Regression pioneer, Dr. Brian Weiss, he recalls a patient with a phobia about wearing anything around her neck. She felt panic if she tried to wear a necklace or turtle neck sweater. Her Past Life Regression uncovered death by strangulation. Dr. Weiss helped her to recall the experience under hypnosis and her phobia disappeared, a phobia that had been resistant to two years of traditional therapy.

Karmic relationships are another area hypnosis addresses. Have you ever met someone with whom you had an instant attraction or dislike? Ten seconds into a first encounter and you know there is something powerful about your reaction but you don’t know why. Chances are you interacted with this soul before either in a positive or negative way and it left an indelible impression on your soul.

Clients have told me of flashes of memory that make no sense in their current life and knowledge of places both foreign and domestic they have never visited before. Yet when they visit these strange cites, they are inexplicably familiar with the streets and easily find their way around. Theses are possible indications of a past life.

Even one’s talent or affinity for certain careers and hobbies can be revealed under hypnosis. Many souls have been involved in similar work for centuries. Knowing past skills or avocations and pursuing them has brought income and joy to many who were uncertain about career paths.

Hypnosis and Past Life Regression answers many questions from the bizarre to the mundane and can be a rapid method for finding clues to life’s mysteries. The answer, as the sages say, is not without but within.

Elissa Bentsen, Board Certified Hypnotist
Published in Positive Change Magazine
December 2009

Author's Bio: 

Ms. Bentsen is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a BSW in Social Work. She served as Executive Director of United Way agencies in Florida for 15 years before becoming a hypnotist. She has practiced as a therapist under the supervision of LCSW counselors and is an intuitive emotional healer.
She has studied with psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss, the pioneer in Past Life Regression Therapy and Betty McCormack, trainer with the Omni Hypnosis Center. The focus of her work in Past Life Regression is to help people to access root problems and to discover how the past influences the present. She lives in Sarasota, Florida where she is a Master's in Mental Health degree candidate and is available for Past Life Regression/Hypnosis sessions in person and by phone.