The scorpion, a type of animal distantly related to the spider, is hard-shelled with eight legs. There are different types of scorpions such as the water scorpion, the land scorpion and the bark scorpion. Scorpions can be venomous and are considered to be dangerous for that reason. They can move around in large groups and become a pest. Scorpions have two claws or "pincers" with which they can grab other smaller animals to eat. They are aggressive when disturbed and will go on the offensive easily.

Scorpion Control Measures

Scorpion pest control can be a complicated matter and it would be naïve to think you can get rid of a large group of scorpions quickly. Pest control in Melbourne is an ongoing process for people living in areas where scorpions have made their home. Both the water scorpion and the bark scorpion can be difficult to get rid of. The following suggestions for scorpion control measures can possibly help:

Non-Chemical Control

Clean the yard regularly. Don't leave any trash lying around and make sure to remove all garden refuse like clippings and leaf piles. Make sure window screens fit tightly in the frames and repair cracks and damage. Make sure that gaps and holes in walls and gates are also fixed quickly. Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible and carefully examine areas in which you allow pets and children to play.

Discuss scorpions with your children, even toddlers. In Melbourne parents routinely warn their children about bite you bug. Make sure the child can recognize a scorpion and knows to leave it strictly alone and to come to you immediately for assistance.

Chemical Control Measures
There is not one type of chemical treatment for sale that will kill a scorpion instantly unless the chemical spray is used directly on the scorpion as soon as you see it. Of course, scorpions usually enter the home at night and it can be hard to trace them. There are however chemical methods to prevent scorpions from entering your home. Scorpion facts show that these creatures usually do respond well to the following methods:

Use a chemical product that forms a protective barrier around your home. This type of product prevents scorpions from entering and even if they do enter they will die from having come into contact with the chemical. The time it takes for the scorpion to die varies depending on weather conditions and the degree to which the scorpion was exposed to the chemical.

Eradicate the scorpions' food source or add a chemical pest control product to it. Call a local pest controller to get rid of scorpions.

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