Realistically, striving for perfection may somewhat be only a motivator to excel in a certain domain. There should never be a depletion of self-worth or self-confidence when perfection has not been reached. The human factor constantly interferes with the notion of perfection. Whether it is a mere droplet of inconsistency, a smudge or ripple, a tremor on a calm surface, it is just enough to cause the gripping feeling of failure with your core.

you’ll say! Despite the imperfection, the strive for perfection has nevertheless brought you to the height of your performance, delineating the best paths to be taken, motivating practice, revision and eliminating all possible, predictable elements to reach your goal in all your splendor.

Left to life is the unpredictable. How you react and deal with these will maintain the excellence of the outcome.

On these moments, when you fumble, take a moment to remember all that you went through to achieve your goal and then position yourself on the incident seeming to dim the perfect result. Size it for what it is, no more, no less and move on. There will be times to strive for perfection again and you will have that much more experience.

When you have done all that was realistically possible, you should retain the self-satisfaction of your accomplishment and accept that you are a human being with a full life to enhance yourself and excel.

Be that as it may, striving for perfection allows you to excel. Excellence is therefore your ultimate goal!

Have a nice week. Happy Trails,

Elizabeth McNally
Mentor & Licensed Certified EI Coach, Certified Traumatologist

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In a nutshell, I am an attentive, compassionate person who wishes to make a difference in people`s lives.
Some 17 years of experience as a Mentor & Coach, pertinent Career and life experiences, a Master’s degree in Education and additional training in Emotional Intelligence, traumatology, Critical Incident Stress Management and Compassion Fatigue enable me to better perceive my clients’ needs. Because of this, I know how to help my clients clarify their thoughts, pinpoint issues and take concrete, suitable action to solve the problem, in record time.
My clients then regain the appealing glow and spark of the keen, confident, energetic people they’ve always been. They walk away with the pride and triumphant joy of having overcome.