The road to a successful relationship and commitment involves many obstacles that couples must surmount. An example of these obstacles that are often encountered is unfaithfulness. An unfaithful partner is not entirely dim-witted to miss the fact that his/her actions have a damaging effect on the relationship. This is precisely the reason why every cheater must always consider confessing one’s crime to the partner, or else just leave it like a festering sore.

Coming clean to one’s partner can be a tough decision, especially if the other person has not the slightest clue of one’s unfaithfulness. However, some believe that it would be best not to admit it, thinking that it’s a win-win situation: they get away with cheating scot-free and their partner won’t get hurt because he/she simply has no clue.

This can actually be an easy way out to a sticky situation, as long as nobody else can spill the beans about your moments of infidelity and you can stay faithful to your partner from then on. This is a case when it’s always easier said than done, and things can get out of control sometimes.

Keeping one’s partner from knowing the truth and not confessing one’s misdeeds only shows that the cheater is incapable of honesty-- not only with his/her own self, but also to the other person for not being truthful about where the relationship is truly headed. This kind of behaviour is totally atrocious; the cheater should know very well that the relationship is not going anywhere but the dumps, and his/her partner deserves to get away and move on into a more sincere one.

Then again, everybody ought to have a second chance --the unfaithful person may confess, hoping to clear the conscience from being disloyal. Although this may seem like a soul-purging experience for the two-timing partner, it’s not always easy for the other person to be sympathetic with the misdeed, and may not be so keen in sharing in the cheater’s zen theory.

While a lot of people would rather know the truth than be left in the dark, there are still some who would choose to be completely oblivious to the whole situation. For them, it’s infinitely better not to know anything than to get hurt in knowing the truth. To confess about your cheating may surely lift a heavy burden off your shoulders; however, there is always a great possibility that your loved one will be emotionally hurt and feel betrayed.

After all, who wouldn’t get hurt for being played and deceived? It will only be a matter of time before the relationship is finally ended, because trust is always an important factor in any relationship. Truly this decision requires a great deal of thinking—everything must be taken into consideration, while the cheating partner must expect only the worst reaction from the wounded loved one.

In the end, it’s always best to come clean no matter what the end-result may be. It’s not just admitting that you have done something wrong—it’s taking full responsibility for your deeds and being brave enough to face the consequences. Your partner may think of you as a cheat, but at least you were mature enough to respect his/her integrity even to the very end.

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