Quote: “There are opposite sides to your personality. Polarities are complements to the inner being of wholeness and unity.”

The Law of Polarity gives us a chance to bring two opposing sides within us to work together. Wholeness is accepting all of who we are without judging and criticizing each other. When you oppose one side of your existence, you will feel a certain pull from resistance. Like the saying, “What you resist, persist.” Are you willing to go through the same problem because you refuse to deal with it? Resistance stems from the other side not feeling accepted. Accept all sides to your true self and return to God’s creation of wholeness.

There are two opposing sides to all of existence. One side of the pole is positive and the other side negative. Many of us cling to one side of the pole learned from past experiences. We must learn to neutralize both sides by accepting things for what it is. You have the right to change your life if you wish. It will take strength and courage to let go of the old and create new perspectives. Polarities are essentially a gift. They stand side by side, one side is a positive and the other’s a negative. We know that negative subtracts and positive adds. Check out your thoughts and see which side of the pole you reach for and grab. You must be in control of what kind of thoughts you are attracting. Polarities have a magnetic attraction and are mirrors of reflection. Positive and negative thinking are both powerful in their own existence. They represent wholeness and are evenly opposites. Our personalities can behave sometimes like night and day. Moods swing from side to side. We project our inner conflicts to the world on the outside. This is how we approach our opposites. One is good, the other is bad. Open up your hearts to both sides before the war within the mind goes mad. The night has a tendency to bring out the dark sides of our personality while in the day we behave to our best ability. Polarities operate at different sides of the poles. They wave at each other from a distance looking to integrate the missing half of the soul. When you find yourself acting out in extremes, it is because you have ignored one side of your inner being. Everything in life has its opposite side. We embrace one side and the other try to hide. In your life, do you feel something missing? Love all of who you are and bring wholeness to your inner being. Try to dislike one side of yourself. Notice the other side will lash out and rebel. This is why we walk around feeling sorry for ourselves. It is you who choose to refuse the love in your hearts. If you want to see the light, you must know what it feels like to live in the dark. Remember, what’s in the dark, always come to light. Sometimes we hit rock bottom in order to reach the heights. We experience many different poles of existence, notice the resistance when your body feels tension. When you are not in balance from feeling weakness, ask your positive side for assistance. Unite and respect all that is within you. Our precious Lord will come to the rescue and will see you through. Ever heard of the saying, “There are two sides to a story.” Each one shines in its own glory. People will admire your strength and courage for being who we really are. Accept your weaknesses and strengths. This is what makes you a true Star. We must learn to make mistakes if we intend to grow. This is why you need to unite the self and accept your wholeness. We travel down the road to Embracing Your Wholeness.

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