This is a vision I had whilst meditating and connecting to my Inner Guidance. I must make it clear that it is only a vision with no intention of offending anyone or any religion or ideas set forward on this delicate subject. I had the need to publish it so as to share it – nothing more. All comments will be appreciated so long as they are constructive and not malicious nor condemning. What follows are visions, nothing more or less. They may or may not be correct but bear in mind that in my heart and soul I conceive and feel them to be of the utmost truth.

“ Heaven’s Gates are big, made of iron, strong grand and unmovable. They are truly beautiful and awe inspiring. Entering them is not as easy as the mind perceives it to be. On the left and right they are guarded by soldiers of the Angelic Order – Angels in crimson red with gold armour. They are true soldiers. No shields are needed for you cannot look at them as their radiance beams a blinding light of beauty. Saints Peter and Paul are there - sad for they know our transgressions and each generation has acquired deeper ones. Beauty however surrounds the atmosphere, so intense that it envelops the spirit with awe and grace.

To enter one must fight own battles. Yes, the dead are welcomed by their family, yes they are anticipated but this welcoming lasts only a short while. Then they are marched towards Peter and Paul. There a book is given to them, containing all their life, their thoughts, deeds and actions. All good and bad deeds are here – nothing is hidden. Do not think of it as a black book for it really has no colour. Think of it as clear page with grey stains denoting transgressions, gold ones showing justice and good carried out by the deceased at hand. Nevertheless, it is truly a beautiful book regardless of one’s misdeeds for it is the Book of Life. It is opened and read at the end of the seven battles fought to enter the Gates of Heaven.

v The First Battle is to be fought by the deceased relatives that one meets upon crossing over. At the bank, when one passes, relatives do await. Friends too, but they seem to be second in line. Most relatives are happy and joyful to see their loved one join them, regardless of age. The one deceased who picks up the new spirit may be the one the new spirit holds something against. Here it is vital that the newly deceased must forgive so as to be able to move on. Forgiveness however, must have also taken place in the physical world if it is to be easier in the spiritual realm. When the newly deceased refuses to do so it simply moves to a place on its own. It either sits in the dark alone or behind a curtain. It does not want to be bothered for it has issues to deal with and work on. Nor does it come forth easily when invoked. This battle is quite easy, because upon entering the spiritual world one is so peaceful and serene that forgiveness is very simple, for now. It is true that there is no pain, are no fears, no unhappiness at this stage. Upon dying, one is too curious to think ahead of what is in store. The feeling of elation and joy is overwhelming.

v The Second Battle is to guide the living relatives, friends and also strangers. They must find a way to help the living they have hurt. This is very important for only then will they rest in peace. This is why we often see departed ones in our dreams or even when awake. When we do see them it is sound not to be fearful nor turn our backs on them. Listening to them and even acknowledging their presence may be enough to help them move on. The spirit feels no hatred, no vengeance only a need for peace and love. By guiding or by even being simply accepted by the living is a fundamental step.

v The Third Battle is to genuinely release hatred, fears and misbeliefs. Once again having done this in the physical world will help immensely. Misbeliefs can be traced through ones thoughts and actions – simply acknowledging them on this plain and readjusting them is enough to move on. Hatred and fears burden the spirit and soul when alive so when passing into the next realm of life it does so heavily. To release these in the spiritual world, to do anything there, does take a long time. As we all know time does not exist there so it can be seen as a journey – a long one. It may not be as easy as it sounds or feels.

v The Fourth Battle lies with the self. Here one must acknowledge all egotistical ideals and goals and repent. In the physical world abandoning them is all that can be done. One may wonder here what happens there, in the spiritual world, if in the physical world it is not achieved. To enter the Gates of Heaven by simply acknowledging and repenting in any of our worlds may be enough so long as it is genuine. Do not be fooled though into waiting to do so in the spiritual world for what is done here in this physical world is of major importance.

v The Fifth Battle lies within the spirit who awaits for the ‘new’ one. The deceased ‘older’ spirit is to pick up the ‘new’ one from the bank, not wait and greet them as in the first battle, but to actually receive their coffin or whatever the spirit arrives in. This is truly difficult for they usually have to receive a person who there were qualms or misgivings with. Sometimes the spirit may not even be ‘ready’ to receive, thus a struggle may pursue. Here it is vital that both spirits adjust, forgive, release and forget if they are to move on. The ‘older’ one is quite willing as it knows that it is necessary to enter Heaven, the newer one quite hesitant. Furthermore, the ‘older’ one has ‘matured’, ‘evolved’ or luckily become enlightened. The newer one has not been through the process, has not experienced anything in the new world – it has only experienced re-birth. It still carries values and ideals from the ‘old’ world, but with time they are relinquished happily and willingly.

v The Sixth Battle entails preparing the newly deceased’s spirit for Heaven. This is very difficult because one is usually handed a person with whom a battle in the physical world has been fought. For example a divorced couple may be put together, a murderer may be given his victim. If the newly deceased does not want assistance then it will be very difficult for him/her to get to Heaven’s gate. This is why the first task is to be forgiven by the deceased the new spirit meets. If the newly deceased does not forgive then he/she will not move on to Heaven’s Gate for all seven steps, regardless of order, must be completed.

v The Seventh Battle, which is the ‘final battle’, is the true acknowledgement of God and Jesus. But this is difficult as it must be deeply heart felt, a deeply rooted belief and faith. What one has done on earth will play a major role as to the final judgement.

Here one may question the position of an atheist, Muslim, Buddhist and so forth. What prevails here is their acknowledgement of their own faith and religious figure. An atheist may simply acknowledge the ‘source’ or whatever his mind can relate to. The fact remains that there is “God”. He does exist, He does provide.

I heard this as the “final” battle for all the other battles, excluding the first and this one, are fought in any order.

There is a Hell and a genuine woe from the Spirits echo from there. But there really is no fire. What is burning is the spirit’s anticipation of redemption, burning with regret of not acknowledging God in the first place. The ego here disappears for it knows it cannot be heard. The earth is red, dry, arid. The aura red and brown. No, there are not any trees or foliage as there were never any to begin with. The worst is that the spirit is genuinely ‘alone’. There is no comfort of relatives or friends. That is the horror of Hell – loneliness.

Unfortunately there is no way out in the short term. It takes a very, very, long time for the spirit to become soul, to evolve.

This is where people on earth play a vital role. We must pray for them, plead for their forgiveness and forgive them.

God does listen to our prayers and in fact when we pray for the deceased and release our ill feelings we hold for them, then we gain ‘points’ in our favour to help us crossover.

Yes, there is a river that we cross over and usually the person who awaits for us on the opposite bank is a loved one.

Take no comfort though, for it is Life On Earth that pre-determines your fate. No matter how hard you fight the battles after death, if Life On Earth , is not fulfilling and as peaceful and blessed as it should be then there really is no hope. It is at this doorstep where contracts are made and vows taken.

As for reincarnation, once your battles have been fought and you arrive at the gates of Heaven, there you will be given the choice to enter or come back as either a spirit guide or in the physical world.

*** It is important to acknowledge that there is no concept of time in the spiritual world. When using adjectives such as ‘slowly’ to refer to time, one cannot really place a number on it – cannot really grasp time. Time is truly an illusion. The only thing that does have an element, or something like an element, is age. The spirits do understand it but once deceased they show no signs of it. For example an old person has no wrinkles. All spirits have the same appearance but glow or radiate in different degrees, according to their burdens and issues held when in Life.

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Seraphia Preston has been healing and channeling guidance from higher sources for many years now. She has helped many find the right path to follow and their guiding influences. Seraphia stands out for her loyalty and honesty in this field of work. Join her at her website for channeled reads, online courses, prayers and distant healing.