If you are looking for a Rolex watch, then you are looking for a genuine Rolex, not a cleverly constructed fake (or blatant scam). Unless you have a lot of money to spare, you are probably looking for a good used Rolex watch, as buying these used luxury watches can get you a big discount without sacrificing quality. Obviously, only trusted sellers sell authentic Rolexes. Legitimate Rolex dealers would never attempt to sell a counterfeit, posing as an original. In fact, only authorized Rolex dealers have legal permission to sell genuine Rolex watches according to the official Rolex website.

This does not necessarily mean that all unauthorized Rolex dealers selling Rolex watches are selling Folexes (fake Rolex), although it is a different possibility. Genuine Rolexes can be available on auction sites like eBay.com and, as some sites say, they can be purchased on the wholesale secondary market with the savings passed on to the buyer. Still, it's a shaky business and definitely worth looking into. The Rolex Company is known for requiring that its dealers be authorized, and even that its repair centers be authorized. The company is also known for not selling Rolex parts to anyone else.

This site not only has a list of reputable dealers and repair centers, but it also has many useful links directly related to Rolex sales and advice on buying Rolex watches. It also draws attention to a Rolex price list, a serial number reference, and Rolex forums, frequently visited by Rolex experts.

If you're not familiar with it, dropshipping is basically this: I find a product at a good price, list it on eBay, it sells, and then I go back to where I found the item, buy it, and ship it. to my winning bidder. I don't even see the article.

Most people would be surprised how many eBay sellers use this method. Believe me, there are very few eBay sellers who have a warehouse full of DVD players or Rolex watches.

At this point, you may be thinking that drop shipping is a no-brainer and wondering why not everyone is doing it. Well, there is a reason for that.

Most eBay sellers who find one or more good wholesale dropshipping sources keep them a closely guarded secret. They think, why create competition for them, https://www.moneyforwatches.co.uk/.

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There are several factors that must be considered when selling a used Rolex watch. An important consideration is the tension of the belt.