One of the most intriguing parts of the human body is the brain. It does not only store a person’s memories, but it also keeps the heart beating, directs the muscles and so on. In addition, the brain exists in four major states, but due to its complexity, only several patterns of these states interact at one time. This predominant state of mind is determined by the particular brainwave frequency that the brain is producing. For instance, if one is in the beta state, one can experience to trace levels of Theta and Alpha states but minimally. In order to attain a given state of mind one can use various mind control software and other brainwave entrainment methods.

One can use the software program to influence their moods, enhance their brain activity as well as inducing specific mind states. One can select the Beta brainwaves on the software to stimulate the brain to produce Beta waves that range between 13 to 30Hz. These are the fastest waves and are mostly found when one is awake. They are associated with outward awareness, arousal, active perception, engaged mind and evaluation of certain data via senses. Beta waves are also produced when one is angry, worried, hungry, afraid or surprised.

In order to increase one’s creativity, imagery, memory, visualization one should choose the Theta brainwaves that range between 3Hz to 7Hz. These waves inspire a person to dream more, plan for the future besides allowing free-flow of thoughts. These waves have been linked to stronger emotions and intuition. Stimulating the production of Theta waves advances one’s problem solving skills and improved learning ability. To add on to that, one is able to absorb a lot of information. Actually, this state of mind has been found to be the most powerful for a person learning a new language.

The Alpha waves ranging from 7Hz to 13Hz are the best when one wants to attain a tranquil state of mind. They are associated with relaxation and deep meditation. In addition, Alpha brainwaves create a pleasant inward awareness and integrate the mind and body. Finally, there are the Delta brainwaves ranging from 1Hz to 3 Hz. These waves are associated with an increased release of growth hormones. These waves are very beneficial to patients as the increase the chances of healing quickly.

It is important to note that brainwave entrainment can take place naturally. If one was to stay around a person playing a musical instrument such as a guitar at a steady rhythm, their brainwaves could entrain to match the guitar frequency. In the guitarist is plucking the guitar at about 7Hz, then one would start feeling a deep relaxation and sometimes one attain other states of awareness. So far, there has been no documented danger of using brainwave mind control software in enhancing one’s life. In fact, the method has been scientifically proven to achieve desired results such as helping a person to overcome feelings of fear, depression, and anxiety and so on. With this in mind, medical expert and scientists are delving into deeper research on brainwave entrainment technology to discover other benefits.

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