If one is a a spiritualist this does not mean one is a medium. This simply means that they agree with the principles of spiritualism, which are mainly that there is one god, that everyone within this world is connected, that there are angels and that there is no physical death. It also means we must take responsibility for what we do and we need to live with what we have done, reap what you sow if you like.

Even when we pass to the spirit world we are still evolving and we also have all of our character with us and our thoughts and beliefs. If we are grumpy on the earth then we will be the same in the spirit realms. There are minds in the spirit realm that are highly evolved and they try and help those lesser than them.

Most of us have done something we are not proud of, but it is with hope that mainly this type of act has been done with selfishness and ignorance, rather than malicious intent. A medium can be a very volatile creature indeed and sometimes aggressive like lighting a blue touch paper!

Mediums work with different energies and the more advanced ones work within a more higher vibration that others, and in line with these differences the principles of spirit belief can be different with each medium as there is only that personal experience within each person to learn from, of course those open minded mediums will take the good grace and opportunity of learning from other mediums. I believe we can learn something from each person we meet, we just need to be open to this and put aside ego’s and other issues first.

The SNU gives principles that transcend any religion, which is important. All of us will survive death, regardless of our beliefs, what we may experience may be weighted towards our particular beliefs of a certain religion, but the basic concept of spiritual beings, which is what we are, is that we live eternally and we can progress eternally.

There is no monopoly on thinking in a spiritual way. There is no control and nor should there be, each person whether a healthy explorer, holistic seeker or new ager, should seek the truth as they see it, for the heart never lies and the truth will always out in the end.

A medium once told me there are a lot of power issues and ego driven activities within the SNU and that it hasn’t moved with the times, such a shame as it could have been the torch bearer for the new spiritual age, in such a time which we now live in, with such a clear need for direction.

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Rachel Ann works for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master.


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