It would be awesome if we could just wave our magic wand, say “procrastination be gone”, and lo an behold – we become the most productive person on our planet.

In reality eliminating procrastination is far from easy. But, these tips should help you be well on your way to succeed with this task:

Examine yourself mentally

What I mean by this is – examine why you procrastinate.
It may be a lot of things, like maybe you just don’t like what you need to do, or you don’t see why you need to do it, or maybe it’s something else entirely.

Make sure that you examine yourself and find the root cause of your procrastination.

Just get started

Getting started may well be the hardest part. When you just let yourself begin working, you’ll notice than more often than not, you will find it much harder to stop until you are done.

Hypnotize yourself

Hypnotizing yourself is better than using positive affirmations, as hypnosis can reach deeper inside your mind and help you rewire the thoughts that are stopping you be efficient and are making you procrastinate into thoughts that will help you become a workaholic, at least if that is what you truly desire.

Make a to-do list

Making a to-do list is very satisfying and efficient for the following reasons:

One, you can make a list of goals that you can do in a short amount of time. If you don’t have such tasks, break your current tasks into smaller ones that you can finish fairly fast.

The second reason this is a great thing to do is ticking tasks off when done – something that feels so great, that you might just feel like working to tick some more tasks off when you finish it!

Make yourself accountable to other people
Making yourself accountable to yourself is obviously not working if you find yourself procrastinating often.

So, make yourself accountable to your mom, your best friend, or your significant other.

You can do this by promising to do something uncomfortable for them. For example, promise your mom that you will be her weightier during her bridge party if you don’t follow through on your promise.

Or promise your best friend that you will clean his bathroom, and allow him to take pictures of you while doing so (and allow him to put them up on Facebook!), unless you report that you have done your tasks as promised.

Or promise to give your mate an uncomfortable amount of money if you fail, that can work great too.

Or, become your husband’s or wife’s made unless you follow through on what you’ve promised him or her.

The key here is to do something that you find so uncomfortable that you would rather do what you have to do, than do that extremely uncomfortable or embarrassing thing that you promised to someone who you care about that you would do if you keep procrastinating and avoid working.

Author's Bio: 

Christopher Montrose's life was greatly changed once he discovered hypnosis and its benefits. Today he often writes about various self help topics and his articles are proudly featured on many respectable sites.

He successfully improved productivity and eliminated procrastination using hypnosis, and recommends that you do too.