Those who had the chance to see the city of Fort Myers, Florida, will surely tell you that it is a great place to visit. There are many attractions there, the foremost being the astounding beaches that stretch for miles. However, we are here to figure out whether the city of Fort Myers, Florida is an excellent place to move to. To figure out the answer to this riddle, we’ll go over some of the pros and cons of moving to Fort Myers while trying to give you all the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision for your’s and your family’s future. But first, let’s see some basic information about this city.
Located on the western coast of Florida, south of Cape Coral, and sheltered from the ocean by an array of islands that create a series of bays, aquatic preserves, and wildlife refuges, Fort Myers sits on the western bank of the Caloosahatchee River. Its rich history, dating back to the 1800s and its foundation in 1885, gave the city plenty of time to attract almost 80,000 residents within its borders. Spreading over 49 square miles, with over 9 square miles covered by water, it allows plenty of space for the residents to enjoy their lifestyle so close to the coast, with around 2,500 residents per square mile. Life is good on this side of the country, and the safety of the residents is more than plentiful. Now let’s get down to business!

Pros of Moving to Fort Myers, Florida

We’ll start with the pros, but there are cons to balance things out just like any other city, country, or region. Make sure to keep these in mind when you reach the cons list and refrain from jumping head first in the water.

Beaches and other Outdoor Activities

Based on its location, the residents of the area have almost an unlimited amount of access to the beaches of Fort Myers, Florida. One of the most sought-after stretches of white sands that meet the ocean in a splendor of waves that tickle your ankles while your toes are playing in the sand is Fort Myers Beach. This 7 mile long barrier island containing Estero Island is located just south of Fort Myers and can be accessed from the San Carlos Boulevard with its Matanzas Pass Bridge. It takes around 31 minutes to drive the 16.5 miles there but take note of seasonal traffic as it can get quite busy at times.
Across the San Carlos Bay, via Sanibel Causeway, you will reach the beautiful Sanibel Island, but you can also stop at the Causeway Island Park and enjoy the beaches there. As we already mentioned, there is no shortage of options for beaches for the residents of Fort Myers. In the area, both around the beaches and on the mainland, there are plenty of hiking and biking trails to explore. The Six Mile Cypress Slough preserve should not be missed as the 3,500 acres of wetland comes with a 1.2-mile boardwalk trail where you can observe wildlife in their natural habitat less than 20 minutes away from downtown Fort Myers.

The Weather

As we are discussing a coastal city of the Sunshine State, we can not overlook the weather. This sub-tropical climate brings with it an average of 266 days of sunshine, meaning that you’ll waste zero days shoveling snow here. With average low temperatures of 55 degrees in January, you’ll have to get used to spending a lot of time outside, even during the winter months. Make sure you have a barbeque installed in your new home where you can enjoy the refreshing colder months with friends and family.


Again, with being a part of the state of Florida, the lack of state income tax is a great bonus for anyone moving into this state. Furthermore, the city of Fort Myers, Florida, offers countless housing options of varying prices that amount to a median home value in the city of $279,000. Besides the housing costs, which are lower than its neighbor, Cape Coral, and much lower than Bonita Springs, Fort Myers has a cost of living that is 4% lower than the national average.
What should be noted here is that housing prices are appreciating relatively fast as the area keeps attracting new residents. Suppose you are interested in purchasing a home in this coastal city. In that case, you should contact real estate agents in Fort Myers FL, before the prices grow even further and the housing market shifts too much to the homebuyer’s detriment.

Entertaining Downtown Area

The newly revitalized Downtown Area of Fort Myers, Florida, attracts everyone from Millennials to retirees every day. The total investment reached $52 million. The results can be seen in the inviting dining spaces, nightlife venues, and the entertainment hub where families and professionals can enjoy some of their free time. The tasty cuisine available makes Fort Myers a haven for food aficionados as anything can be found, from Peruvian delicacies to local Southern comfort food. The bustling Downtown Farmers Market makes it possible for you to have many of those dishes in your own home.

Cons of Moving to Fort Myers, Florida

As with the pros, Fort Myers, Florida, has a few cons to balance things out, but it’s up to you whichever way the balance tilts. Don’t let yourself be fooled as, for the equilibrium of the article, we selected four of each. This, however, does not mean that the good is evenly balanced with the bad. These are just the most common cons experienced by the residents of Fort Myers.

The Weather

While the sunny days may be plentiful, there is a con to the weather inside the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and that comes from the hurricanes. We can not go around it as the hurricane season increases with each passing year due to climate change, but more on that later. The great heat that can be felt on the western coast of Florida comes with thick humidity and sometimes scorching temperatures. Between June and November, you should be on the lookout for hurricane warnings. There may come times when you wish for a rainstorm, but when the rain actually comes, you want it to go away as soon as it starts. They don’t offer as much relief as you would expect as they sometimes only increase the humidity factor adding to the discomfort of the overall temperature.

Limited Artistic and Cultural Activities

If you are coming from larger cities like Los Angeles or New York, the art and cultural scene in Fort Myers will leave you wanting more. There is no accurate comparison between the two. With the overwhelming population of those cities, you get diversity, and with diversity, you get larger crowds of people interested and invested in artistic and cultural activities. While Fort Myers does have the Fort Myers Beach Art Association and Gallery, there isn’t much enthusiasm for developing a more diverse art and culture scene. The area has a beach mentality catering to those who want to enjoy a holiday lifestyle. This can be improved as the population grows and the number of people interested in investing in art and culture grows as well.

The Coast Suffers due to Global Warming

As mentioned above, Fort Myers, like most other coastal towns on Florida’s western coast, suffers from the effects of global warming. The growing risk of flash floods as the sea levels increase might impact the value of the housing market for any homeowner, whether they bought their home 30 years ago or they are only now looking into making a purchase. In addition to that, the other effects of global warming can be felt in the temperature and weather patterns. The year 2020 came with a record of which 14 were hurricanes and 7 were major hurricanes from the 30 storms in total. Keep this in mind before you decide to move to any city on Florida’s west coast.

Tourist Invaders

The natural result of the laidback lifestyle that comes from coastal living and beach life is the visitors who come to Fort Myers, Florida, every year. For full-time residents that came here for the peace and quiet guaranteed by beachside living, the hustle and bustle of tourists can be a nuisance. The snowbirds that flock to Fort Myers every winter or the spring breakers can harm the residents’ quality of life even if the city’s economy is thriving in those periods. But that is to be expected from an area that makes you feel like your whole life is a holiday.


You will find many ups and downs to Fort Myers if you decide to move there, but the beaches will wash away your worries like the coming and going of the waves. No destination is without flaws, and Fort Myers is just another city with many great things to offer to newcomers and established residents. Take this list with a grain of salt and do your homework before you start packing your bags. We can only hope that this list of pros and cons answered some of your questions and made it easier for you to make an informed decision. Best of luck and enjoy this city if you decide that relocating here is the best decision for you and your family.

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