With so much attention being directed towards the paranormal on television, books and the internet today, it is about time that families who have experienced the paranormal, through psychic kids, be given the resources necessary to help them. Although there have been many books written on the subject, each situation and psychic child differs from each other and it is important that parents have some resources that they can use to help establish a foothold on these paranormal experiences.

What does a parent do when their child says, "There's a ghost in my room", or "Joey plays with my toys when I am sleeping". Many parents initially believe their child is making an excuse to avoid being disciplined for some action or to sleep in mom and dads bed, however, it is just as important to consider when do we decide that there may be more to this than meets the eye? Now, that being said, there are parents that simply know their child is expressing to them that they are experiencing the paranormal. This article is for both case scenario's and I am writing it because I too was once a Psychic kid.

When beginning your search, I would suggest that you research the geology of the location in which your child is having these experiences. Look for deposits of certain crystals, like quartz, also the presence of faults [tectonic strain] and igneous rocks, such as granite, diorite, gabbro, basalt, etc. You will need a geological map of your area for this research. Check your local library.

The current theory is that certain geological areas that contain the above crystals and ingenuous rocks help to create electromagnetic fields and assist in the amount of paranormal activity experienced within these areas.

Timeline of paranormal experiences

The following examples are based on children at different levels of mental awareness so you will find that the spread for ages will be large.

Ages 6 months - 7 years:

Seems to follow invisible objects with their eyes, giggles or laughs for no apparent reason during moments of eye contact with something unseen by others.
Photo's taken of the child show light sources not seen when the photo was taken.
Bubbles (orbs) that appear in photo's that seem to contain light within them extending outward.
Firefly/Dragonfly images, colored or white that seem to be created by a light source, that appear within photo's of the child.
Your child tells you that they are seeing someone that appears to them and this person makes them uncomfortable.
Your child tells you that they do not like a certain person, family member or place, they make them uncomfortable.
You are seeing and experiencing poltergeist activity within your home, surrounding your child.

8 years - 12 years:

Your child has discussed with you in the past, some of the above and now you find them to be distant and hiding away in their room or wanting to spend more time outdoors and not within your home. If your child has discussed with you these events, be open and approachable, show an interest in what they are experiencing and try not to interject concern, rather, ask them to inform you of the next time they have an experience. Example:

Your child comes to you and says, "I just saw someone in my room". Go with them to their room, you enter first, and ask them if that person/entity is still there. Ask them what they are feeling and to describe the person they saw.
Begin to write down these experiences within a journal with your child, so that you may both explore the details that your child has received for accuracy.

13 years - 16 years:

You are experiencing paranormal activity around your child.
It is said that children that have reached the age of puberty and have some form of psychic ability, will manifest/interact with their environment and produce poltergeist type activity; moving objects, lights flickering off and on, light bulbs exploding, sounds and shadow figures.
During this age it is also important to note that many children feel drained just after this type of paranormal activity occurs, this may be due to an entity using the child's energy in order to interact with their surroundings.

Indigo Children - Crystal Children

These terms relate to the same theory and will be referred to within this article as Indigo children. Indigo children, children born after the 1970s, are said to have an indigo colored aura and are the next phase in human evolution. Included in this theory is that these children are highly empathic, creative, psychic (can read minds) and paranormal activity seems to be centered around them.

The term, "Indigo Children", was coined by author and psychic, Nancy Ann Tappe, when she stated that many children born after the 1970s seemed to have an indigo colored aura. These children tend to have a strong sense of self and feel the need to make a difference in the world.

One theory surrounding indigo children is that those that are not socialized around other indigo children will at some point be diagnosed with (ADD) Attention Deficit Disorder, (ADHD) Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, (OCD) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or Autism. It is also said that these children can become unsociable and are prone to certain sleep disorders such as Sleep Apnea, Insomnia and Nightmares. Indigo children tend to be more visual and hands on in their learning and require physical activity in order to keep them focused on learning.

Closing Statements

Children of the paranormal have begun to speak out, letting others know that they are here and in some fashion, they are a force to be reckoned with. It is my personal opinion that we as a society must begin to take paranormal activity seriously. Being skeptical is healthy and it is important to make certain your child sees your family physician if you are experiencing any of the above, however, fear and doubt should have no place in our lives other than the opportunity to be educated and change our focus in order to achieve personal and spiritual balance.

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Psychic Life Coach and Paranormal Investigator,

Sarah Bina

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Sarah has established herself as a trusted, psychic through her work with the public to bring awareness and a greater understanding of self empowerment, spirituality, psychic ability and anomalous phenomena. Through the combination of life experiences, psychic ability, education and integrity, Sarah has become a valuable asset in the lives of individuals and businesses.