1. Knowledge.
To be a successful speaker takes practice. The basics can be taught but it doesn’t end there. My experiences have shown me that nobody knows everything, and you never stop learning. Neither should you be afraid to share what you do know.
2. Use your ears.
Stop questioning and listen to yourself speak. Speak with confidence and you will soon believe in what you say.
3. Meekness.
The ability to laugh at oneself is a prerequisite when public speaking. We all know that when it matters most, words come out wrong, sentences get jumbled and a host of other embarrassing possibilities can and will probably happen, particularly when using unfamiliar words to try and impress. Never be afraid to point this out and even connect with your audience by asking for help, say with the pronunciation on a particular word, even using it to comic effect. Your audience will like you all the more for it.
4. Always look people in the eye.
Despite how attractive the blonde may be in the front row, try and direct your gaze around the whole room. It’s difficult when faced with a sea of faces and the aforementioned blonde, but studies have proved that doing this will make people far more likely to concentrate on what you have to say.
5. A laugh a day…
There’s no doubt that the funny guy is the one people want to be around. This is no less true whilst addressing a crowd of people. Make them laugh and you can turn an otherwise mundane (even a touch boring) speech into something guaranteed to boost your popularity.
6. You’re human too.
There’s nothing more interesting than people, and the more you speak to, the more you will get an idea of what makes them tick.
7. All on my own
Come on now, you and I both know that there’s times when you talk to yourself or even sing when you’re on your own. I really wouldn’t want anyone else to be subjected to my version of ‘Phantom of the Opera’ but talking to yourself and practicing pitch, tone and volume can go a long way towards fixing any problems you may feel that you have . Think of it as multitasking!

8. Smile and the whole world smiles with you.
There’s no doubt that a smile makes you far more approachable. It’s a meeting not a funeral and you will find people are drawn to an open smile.
9. Someone to be admired
Think back. There must be someone who stands out in your memory amongst all the speeches you’ve heard in your life. Ask yourself what it is that makes them special and what you can learn from them. It’s one thing having a list of notes to read from, but quite another having that special charisma to engage people and be memorable.
10. No last minute rush
Don’t leave your preparations to the last minute. Notes scrawled on a scrap of paper in a hurry simply won’t cut it when you’re standing in front of your audience. People overcome this in various ways, from flash cards to writing key words on their hands. If you’re prone to sweaty hands I would however avoid this option. The best way to deliver your speech is to know thoroughly your subject matter and far more importantly, have fun whilst you’re doing it.

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