When you are under stress and feeling like you have too much on your plate, identifying how to start making a change can feel daunting. Whether its stress related to work, finances, the holidays, or the people in your life, just thinking about it can leave your brain feeling so full that it’s difficult to problem solve. Guess what? For this quick stress relief tip, you don’t have too.

When you are under stress, you are probably spending too much time in your head. Your thought may spin or feel difficult to focus. You may find yourself so worried on the future and all you have ahead of you that it’s hard to your thoughts. You might be having difficulty sleeping because you are reviewing your to-do list(s). For many women, a recognizable symptom of stress is going to great lengths to avoid what’s on their minds. Overeating to escape, zoning out on the computer, or losing an evening to bad TV are all pretty common. Unfortunately, they don’t work very well.

Try this stress busting tip: Get out of your head by getting into your body. Do something physical. Depending on your personality (and your health), you might be craving something active and sweaty or gentle and mindful. Walk, run, or conduct a symphony in your living room. Just move. You don’t need to carve out an hour—invest ten minutes in being connected to your physical self.

Do some yoga stretches and pay attention to how your body is feeling. Notice the tight places and spend a few minutes (or more) allowing them to relax. Consider spending five to ten minutes of your lunch hour doing some deep breathing, some stretching, or walking around the block. Fresh air, time outside, and a change of focus can make a huge difference in your energy, your stress level, and your ability to concentrate. Set an alarm and get up from your work periodically—just to move your body. As you experiment with different strategies, you’ll begin to discover the ones you enjoy the most and which are the most satisfying. Once you do, seek to make these a consistent part of your daily routine.

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