When you are in a vicious cycle of too much stress, too many demands, and too much on your plate, the most effective stress busting tips are the ones that you’ll actually be able to implement and that can create a shift in how you feel—quickly. This strategy is one of my favorites. It’s simple, and it won’t bog down your to-do list.
Have you noticed how often stress begets more stress? Once you get into that place of feeling overloaded, with too much on your plate, it can be very difficult to find the energy or the positive attitude to dig yourself out. Stressed, rushed, worried thoughts tend to lead to more of the same, and working hard and racing to meet multiple deadlines usually don’t lead to feelings of peace and calm, or even accomplishment.

One of the most powerful stress busting strategies you can implement is actually about creating a shift in your focus. Small shifts in your mindset or your mental focus can lead to surprisingly positive changes in your mood, your outlook, and your happiness. And this, busy women, has the potential to color and to affect, everything.

One of the simplest (and fastest) ways to create a more positive mental space for yourself (no matter how crazy life feels), is to practice a gratitude ritual. It’s easy. Here is all you need to do. Simply make a regular practice of listing three to five things that you are grateful for. I recommend that you actually write these down. Aim for a daily gratitude practice, but know that there is evidence that even a once-a-week gratitude ritual can increase happiness.

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