Professional accountants and business owners use Quickbooks to manage their important company activities. They have to work on so many files at the same time only for better collaborations and improvements.

Here Quickbooks offers an exclusive feature known as multi-user mode where numerous people can work on a similar file. And in order to work in multi-user mode, the software takes the help of many components. If any of these crucial components get hampered or malfunctions then users come across Quickbooks error H303.

This error can be seen when the company files require some extra configuration. While facing this problem, you won’t be able to work on the company files in real-time. This affects productivity and causes delays in work submissions. Therefore the error needs immediate troubleshooting.

In this article, we will repair this error using some automatic tools like Quickbooks File Doctor and some manual methods.

QuickBooks Error Code H303: An Overview

The error H303 basically comes from the H-series error family that happens when your company files demand some extra configuration.

The major reason behind its occurrence is when the company files are existing on another system and requires extra setup and installation. This problem needs correct solutions to get repaired.

Here we will repair the error using some effective solutions such as Quickbooks File Doctor and other non-automatic methods.

Reasons Behind The H303 Problem Existence

Multiple reasons contribute together to the formation of Quickbooks Error H303 because no problem just generates on its own. There are some technical glitches, human intervention, and multiple other factors giving birth to an error. Let’s learn them below:

When the Firewall is blocking the main communication b/w company files and the server.
Malfunctioning of your system’s network.
Damaged or wrong network data file.
Invalid settings of the configuration hosting.
Your software is unable to obtain the company files being hosted by the server or the IP address.
Most Effective Troubleshooting Techniques To Resolve QuickBooks Error H303

The next part contains quick troubleshooting steps to get rid of the Quickbooks error H303 . Follow these instructions step by step.

Solution 1: QuickBooks File Doctor

The first and most effective way of dealing with the H303 error is installing Quickbooks File Doctor and then launching it. The steps are:

To start with, visit the QB Intuit site.
Now, look for the tool named- QB File Doctor
Once found, tap on it, and initiate QB File Doctor Download
Download the exe file and access it from your saved location.
Once accessed, you will see an installation window, just click “Next”.
Hit “I Agree” when the license agreement comes. Move ahead.
Thereafter, click “Install” and spare some time for the same process. Within a few minutes, the installation will be concluded.
Then tap on Finish.
When the tool is downloaded, open the file having H303 error and start using the tool – QB File Doctor.
Now find a green-colored button (for the QB File Doctor tool) and tap on it.
After a few moments, the process of repairing will begin.
Once done, just open the QB company file and check that the error is gone.
Solution 2: Checking QuickBooks Settings

Sometimes, the QB settings pose a problem for the users while working on the files and pop up multiple errors. Here you need to repair its settings. The steps are:

First, access QB using multi-user mode.
Thereafter, pick the company file on all systems and visit “File”.
Moving on, choose “Utilities”.
Next, hit “Stop Hosting Multi-User”.
After that, from any system, just turn on hosting.
For that, click one more time on “File”.
Reach out to “Utilities”.
Choose “Host Multi-User”.
Finally, you can use the QB software on both systems.
Solution 3: Moving the QuickBooks Folder

If the Quickbooks File Doctor step was not satisfactory at all, then try out this one. The steps to move the folder of Quickbooks to another location are:

Firstly, create a fresh folder under the hosting system.
Thereafter, modify the settings then provide the Windows Permissions for making the company files to be accessible.
Moving on, copy the. QBW file. Now paste it into the newly formed folder.
Then, access the files using multi-user mode.
Finally, check that the existence of this problem is no longer there.
Solution 4: Modifying The Settings of the Firewall

As we already said, the Firewall setting sometimes obstructs the communication path and causes H303 error. To modify the firewall settings, follow the next instructions:

Firstly, hold Ctrl + R.
On the “Run” page, type “Control Panel”.
Under “Control Panel” select “Firewall Settings”.
Further, click “Allow Through the Firewall”.
In “Exceptions List”, hit click on “Add Programs”. Now add up “QBs 20XX”.
Finally, restart the QuickBooks software for saving the modifications being done!
Solution 5: Talk To The Hosting Provider

In case you are continuously having connectivity problems and could not resolve them manually or automatically, then call your service provider immediately. Also, if you are using a cloud hosting provider, ask them about the problem that you’re facing.
There could be a chance that the problem you are encountering is either service or connection-related.
Even though you know the problem, there could be multiple issues with your connectivity. Therefore, if you have made some modifications in the details or your hosting provider has done that, then update it immediately before proceeding.
You also face this problem due to the settings of the multi-user mode. For these settings, take some professional assistance.
Solution 6: QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Just like the Quickbooks File Doctor tool, the QBDSM tool is also automatic and highly effective in treating the H series errors. Professionals prefer using this tool because it saves them time that gets wasted in fixing this issue manually. All you are required to do is click! Yes, just a click to make the tool run and repair the error. The steps are:

Firstly, access the Tool Hub.
Then open it, and visit the section “Network Issues”. Then click it.
Moving on, look for “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” and click it.
Hit “Start Scan”.
Once the scanning initiates, the QBDSM tool will instantly scan and auto-repair the error.
After the scan, tap on Close.
Finally, open the file that was showing the error and check if the issue is gone.
Solution 7: Verify the Server Services

It is super important that your server is running the services. Follow these instructions to confirm QBCFMonitorService and QuickBooksDBXX services:

Firstly, press “Ctrl + R”.
On the “Run” page, write up “Msc”.
Find the “QuickBooksDBXX”. Now access it.
Thereafter, select “Startup Type”, then choose “Automatic”.
Now, check that the server status is either showing “Started or Running”. In case, it isn’t hit “Start”.
Further, navigate to “Recover”, and choose “Restart-Service”.
You will see three menus – First failure, then Second failure, and lastly Subsequent failures.
Here, tap on “Apply” followed by clicking “OK”.
Finally, access the file that was showing the H303 error and verify that it’s gone.
Final Words

This article delves into detail to repair QuickBooks Error H303 by using the most effective troubleshooting techniques. The techniques we used are Quickbooks File Doctor, QB Database Server Manager tool, Verifying the services, Modifying Firewall settings, and more other manual methods.

The seven solutions explained here are recommended by top professionals and can efficiently repair the error.

We assure you that once you follow these techniques step-by-step, you no longer will be annoyed by the QB H303 error.

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