Left Brain: “That’s all well and good to dream but the reality is....”
Right Brain: “Reality? Don’t we create our own reality?”
Left Brain: “I know someone who tried that and failed.”
Right Brain: “ If I connect this to that, and adjusted this, and added a bit of colour here, and oh wait, I have another idea..” and then adds, “hey, don’t we know someone who tried to make a light bulb hundreds of times?”
Left Brain: “It has to be done by Friday”
Right Brain: “What’s a Friday?”
Left Brain: “It’s a little late to start a new career, don’t you think?”
Right Brain: “oh goody goody goody, something new to connect more of the little synapses.”
Left Brain: “You have to have money to make money.”
Right Brain: “Oh, shut up. How can I create what we need when you are always nagging at me?”
Left Brain: “The books say I should do it this way.”
Right Brain: “Shhh.. I think I’m getting a message from the universe.”
Left Brain: “Who am I to think I can?”
Right Brain: “How are you even attached to me? I can do anything!”
Left Brain: “I’ve got to get this report done.”
Right Brain: “I’ve GOT TO PLAY!”
Left Brain: “I’m stumped. I’m going to have to think more creatively to get past this issue.”
Right Brain: “Whoooaaaa, did you just ask me for help?”
Left Brain: “Okay, we can do this if we come up with a plan that makes some sort of sense to me.”
Right Brain: “I don’t know what a plan is. I’m busy connecting the seemingly disconnected.”

Imagine the possibilities when both sides of the brain work together!

Do you have a creative idea that you’d like to move forward on? Ask your left brain (politely) how it can help that idea come to fruition. (Or Contact me. I can mediate.)

Author's Bio: 

Janet L. Whitehead is a certified professional life coach whose expertise is using creative mind strategies to help others to better access both left and right brain thinking to reveal their answers and find their best ways to get where they want to be.

In addition Janet has authored a storybook and a number of self- coaching workbooks that are fun (yes! fun!), empowering and that will have you accessing your most powerful and creative thought processes and abilities - moving you quickly and successfully towards living life purposefully, soulfully, and passionately. www.musingsandmud.com/workbooks.html