Ranthambore – a land of legends is one of the rare places among the various tiger reserves of India. At this place you can find a large number of Bengal tigers. It is the ideal destination to find a major tiger territory. It was once the private hunting ground for the kings of Jaipur. The exceptional scenery and diverse ranges of flora and fauna with typical dry deciduous features make the environment more favourable for them.
In Ranthambore, almost every tiger has a special status and tale that precedes their roots. There is a wide range of tigers available in Ranthambore. Some of them famous ones are -
•T-19/ Krishna – A daughter of T-16, known as Pride of Ranthambore. Krishna is also famous as an Icon of Ranthambore and her family is known as ICONIC Family.
•T-16/Machhali- The royal tigress is the pride of Ranthambore National Park. She is the oldest surviving tigress of Ranthambore and probably in the world.
•T-41/Laila- A beautiful and mature tigress and daughter of T-4, Berada.
•T-8/ Ladali- Daughter of T-5 mother and T-2 father. She is shy and resident tigress.
•T-42/Fateh- A son of T-30. T-42 is an aggressive and fierce tiger.
•T-83/Lighting- A 2 years and 7 months old tigress. She is daughter of T-19 mother Krishna and father T-28.
•T-17/Sundari- A queen of Ranthambore National Park after her mother great T-16.
•T-58/Rocky Male- A quite young and bold adult tiger of zone no.7 and 8. He has made his territory from Jamoda, to Maha-khoh.
•T-64/Akash- An elder son of T-19 Ranthambore queen and father T-28 Star male.
•Others are- T-73/ Shy Kachida Female, T-74/ Teddy Bear, T-85 Packman,T-60/Junior Indu, T-28/ Star male, T-84/ Arrow-Head, T-57/Singhsth, T-61/ Junior Ladali, T-34/ Kumbha, T-39 Noor and many more.

The counting of tigers is increasing day by day and it’s good news for tiger lovers but with increase in count, their safety is the major concern today. The stories and life antiquities of the Royal Bengal Tigers will definitely induce you to be the remarkable beholders of these majestic creatures.

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