The most difficult work one will ever do in their lifetime, is the completion of realizing their destiny. This is the ultimate work of everyone on earth. This is your life's work. Each of us was given God-given gifts and talents to utilize for higher purposes, according to God's Will for each of our lives. Many of us were given similar gifts and talents to be used differently according to our abilities. Our God-given gifts and talents were given to us, not for our pleasure; but rather, for the pleasure of God. Our God-given gifts and talents are God's way of expressing himself through us, which is to ultimately realize our destiny.

Realizing your destiny is a journey. When the soul begins to awaken and calls out to you, this is the call to realize your destiny. This will be a journey of many obstacles; however, to reap the ultimate reward at the end, you must pass all of the tests that will be placed on your path. And don't worry, if you do not pass the test the first time, God has ways of administering the same lesson to you in a different test, so always be observant and learn the lesson that life is teaching you at any given moment.

Realizing your destiny can also be called, “becoming one with God.” It can also be called, “The Promised Land.” There are many names for realizing your destiny; however, the destinations are the same for each of us, which is to “Realize Love.” Love is the fulfillment of the Law and this is your destiny. When your soul is ready to explore until it reaches its destination which is Love, you had better be ready to go wherever your soul takes you on this journey. The soul wants what the soul wants and you must follow your soul's instructions, or you risk bringing suffering upon yourselves in some form. How do you know when your soul is calling out to you? You will know. It is an inherent feeling. It is a magnetic pull of sorts. It is a feeling that you will not mistake for anything else. Yes, it may be a bit scary but this is why the scriptures states, “For Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen.” For “the many” whom are called but not chosen, this is because they simply refused to answer the call of their soul.

When the soul calls, it is not comfortable. So when many people get this call, they refuse to answer because they do not want what they think are their very comfortable lives disturbed. They fail to realize that no matter how comfortable their lives may seem to be, when the soul calls it is because life is about to offer you something much better. Yes it will be uncomfortable at first, because the soul is awakening and stretching itself out. It needs more space and exploration, and now your soul is sending you on the journey of exploration, ultimately realizing your destiny. It requires courage and bravery to take this journey, but as the scripture states, “Those who endure to the end, the same shall be saved.” Obedience to your soul's instructions is the key to navigating on your spiritual journey when it calls you. If you want the great reward waiting for you at the end of your journey to destiny, you must “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” Yes, this is the uncomfortable part of the journey to destiny; however, it can and must be done. Only the chosen few will have the courage to walk the path “of the valley of the shadow of death.” Do not be one who will perish not ever knowing the true plan God had for your life.

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Dr. Monica Mi'Chelle, PhD is a Spiritual, Life and Relationship Consultant. She is also a Writer and Speaker. Her only job on earth is to open the eyes of the blind, awaken the sleeping and steady the feet of those whom stumble on their way towards realizing their destiny.