The third step on the path to becoming all that you are in this life, is realizing we are all one! I don’t just mean this in the way you might think. Realizing something is the act of making it real or manifesting it in your life. So, not only is this about understanding that we are all one, but this is also about manifesting the concept that we are all one into your physical reality.

It is important to understand the evolution of this process and so I will review a bit of what I have said previously. The first step was letting go of ego. This step is crucial because it allows us to see the world from a different perspective. It allows us to see a bigger picture than the one we see from the perspective of our physical self. We begin to let go of concepts and ideas that seem important from that smaller perspective in favor of what is truly important to us.

The second step, identifying with your soul, begins our journey to self discovery. We are on our way to understanding who we really are. We see that we are more than this physical creation that lives here in this physical world. We are eternal and connected with All That Is. We are spiritual beings creating and experiencing the physical aspect of life.

Now, we must stretch our understanding even more. Not only are we spiritual beings, souls, living and experiencing the physical in this life, but we are also an extension of the One Spirit that is All That Is. Words are limiting by nature so I take this moment to define some words I use in this discussion. My definition of Soul is that aspect of All That Is which has chosen to be who you are, now. You might say it is your spiritual persona. It is to Spirit what body is to Soul. I define Spirit as that aspect of All That Is which is the energy that connects us and sets the intention of this life while holding its attention on this aspect of life. You might say that Spirit is the intention of All That Is.

My belief is that there are many levels to Life. The All That Is encompasses everything, but within that there exist infinite levels of Spirit and of intention. There is more to Life than we have ever imagined and yet, it is up to us to create life with our imagination. It’s the imagination that is unlimited in its ability to create. So first, let your imagination free! Allow that part of you that is truly unlimited to run wild and you will begin to see what is possible.

I have found it both helpful and challenging to define aspects of Life in this way. It is helpful so that I might see more clearly the relationships between one thing and another, but it is challenging to hold the truth that All is One at the same time. It is so easy to get focused on the details of things and lose sight of the bigger picture. What we are talking about here IS the Big Picture! This third step is a defining step that will transform your life. Once taken, you cannot go back.

Are you ready? This is really a rhetorical question because if you were not ready, you would not be here now. There are no accidents in life, no wrong moves, and no coincidences. Everything, absolutely everything, happens just as it is intended. And it is all perfect. Can you accept this? Perhaps not completely, at least not yet, but you will. My intention is to be as clear as possible in my relating my understanding of this. In doing so, I trust that Spirit will communicate through me in a way that you can hear. Just listen with your heart. It will open your mind to your own truths and your own understandings.

Everything in life is connected. This is a concept that anyone who is reading this now has some awareness of or you would not be here. Yet, this statement is inadequate in its description of how things are. If we are connected, how are we connected? How is it that I can be connected to you when we appear to be separate beings? I know, we have covered this before, but it is important to the discussion here. The part of us that appears to be a physical, solid person gives the illusion of separation. This is important so that we can experience relationships and through those relationships come to experience who we are. But, in truth, there is no separation. We are all part of the same energy that makes up everything.

So, in truth, we are not connected because we are not separate. Therefore, there is nothing to connect us except us. What’s more, the us that we speak of is really one being! We are simply various aspects of the same Life Energy. Most people have a very limited perspective of life. Even those who have transcended the physical self are often quite limited in their perspective as well. It is time to transcend the individual, to become the whole.

This does not mean that the individual is unimportant or that we must give up who we are in favor of the needs of others. This is about understanding that you and the Father are One. It is time to understand what is meant by the statement, “Whatever you have done to the least of my brothers, you have done to me.” No, there is no judgment day and no one will critique your life to see if you have gotten it right or not. There is only you! You are the judge of your own life and it is time to realize why there is no reason to be judgmental at all.

If we are not just connected, but truly one, how does that change the rules? Well, first of all, there are no rules, but there does exist that which works and that which does not. The better we understand what works and how it works, the better we are able to create the life we wish to experience. So, how does this concept expand our awareness of what works? Let’s examine this question in some detail.

One thing that jumps out at me is that, if we are truly one, then whatever I do to or for anyone, I do to or for myself and whatever I do to or for myself, I do to or for everyone else! Just let that sink in for a moment. I’m sure you’ve thought of the first part of that statement, but how many have considered the second part?

Another idea is that it is not possible for better or worse to exist in this reality. How can one person be better or worse than another if they are the same being? Such a concept simply does not make sense. Can you wrap your mind around this idea? It is not easy to let go of these concepts of good and bad, right and wrong, better and worse. Yet, as we begin to accept the idea that we are all one and make that concept real in our lives, it is inevitable that we must let go of concepts and ideas that do not work in that construct.

What about blame and guilt? Do these concepts have a place in this new paradigm? If we are all One, then what purpose would these concepts serve? Is it ever beneficial to blame yourself or to feel guilty? The answer is an absolute NO! Life moves in one direction – forward! Blame and guilt serve to hold you back. What is important is to continually expand awareness and to use that increased awareness to evolve and grow. That is what we are doing here, right now; we are evolving and growing through the expansion of our awareness.

There is no question that we, our global community of souls, are on the verge of a quantum shift in our perspective. I believe this sort of thing happens as a result of the collective evolution of enough souls reaching this third step. Recognizing that we are One occurs and gradually the desire to experience our oneness pushes us to manifest that desire!

What does it mean to transcend the individual and become the whole? This is perhaps the biggest challenge and the most important step to becoming who we are! That statement seems almost contradictory, but I will attempt to clarify what I mean. Who we are is much more than we have imagined ourselves to be. We are one. We are many. We are individuals. We are groups. We are tiny. We are infinite. We are IT! We are you and you are we. As the great philosopher, John Lennon said, “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.” Read that, We are All, together.

Now, go back through all that I have said and substitute I for we in every sentence here. I, you, we are all the same. Yet, we are also different. This duality is what allows us to create our life experience. The challenge is to be both at the same time and know that you are both. You do not have to lose one to have the other. With each step in this process of becoming we must let go of concepts that limit our expansion. They serve us for a time, but eventually we must grow beyond all boundaries. Individuality is one of these concepts.

Realizing our oneness, making it real, is about knowing and understanding that we are the All, and we are a part of the All. It is about knowing the part we play and knowing the parts of the rest of the cast as well. You might say, “What is the fun in knowing everything that is going on?” The fun is in the doing! Even though you know the parts, you cannot know everything. The whole is more than the sum of the parts! It is only in the doing that we create this wonderful life experience!

What we are talking about here is doing from being. When I am being all that I am and I allow my doing to flow from that, I create perfectly! By being all that you are, you are limitless! If you really want to experience this, give the experience to another. Whatever you wish for, just help another to experience it and it will come to you. When you realize the truth of this, you are ready for step four.

This is really a huge shift in perspective. To transcend the individual, ego-self, it is important to view the physical persona as a tool for experiencing the physical reality. It is also important to view the soul as a tool for experiencing different aspects of Life. Each body is a part of the Soul and each soul is a part of Spirit. There are still more levels to this, but for now this portion of the Big Picture is enough to take on.

The perspective we are after here is that of Spirit. For this discussion we will define Spirit as that aspect of God, Life, All That Is that creates, manifests and experiences here on this planet we call Earth. So, we are literally taking a global perspective of life and creating from that perspective. All the while we are remembering that we are the individuals and the whole. All others are individuals who are also part of the whole, part of who we are, part of who you are, and part of who I am. We are all one.

With this in mind, it is possible to see that whatever one of us experiences, we all experience. It is also possible to see that all that we need, we already have. There is a Dave Matthews song with the line, “what I want is what I’ve not got, what I need is all around me” and this is so true! Actually, what is being said is that there is nothing to want because we already have everything we need to experience whatever we wish for in life. Does this mean we should not have any desires? No! There is a difference between desire and want, though it may be subtle. Desire attracts and want pushes away.

How do we use this knowledge to create a new experience of life? How do we truly make this concept real in our lives? There is a simple answer to this question and it is an answer that has been around for at least 2000 years!

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You!

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Life Coach and Author with special interest in helping you find peace, love and joy in your life through connection to your true Self, to Life Itself, and through Life to all those you encounter in this life.