You wake up every morning, do your work, spend time with family and then go to bed, set the alarm for the next morning, to repeat all activities.

You have that belief that you wake up tomorrow and will perform all these activities. But have you think about how all things are possible, that’s possible because there is the god who watching for you. He has an eye on everything you do and done to you.

Though we can’t see god, doesn’t mean he is not there. He always there, when you need help & support. Like a shadow, god is your back and let you all things done.

So it’s your responsibility to thank them for everything you have and for what you are because it’s all possible because of him. And you can’t be denied from that.

Like God never forget to wake you up daily, make sure you also don’t forget him to thank for being there & guide you.

Prayers - Way of thanking god
Prayer is a way of thanking the god for what God has given to us. We should thank a god for giving us a loving family to support in hard times. We have to thank god for giving us good health so that we can achieve our life goals.

We should thank god for giving life. And we can thank god with the prayers. So thank god for everything what we have and who we are.

When you pray, you connect with god
When you pray, there is a connection built between god and you. All your problems & difficulties seem going far from you and that’s because of prayers.

God has the answer to your prayers and informs you that you are not alone, God always is there to protect you & to support you. And that feeling of having god around you will help to overcome negativity.

Prayers Fill your life with positive vibes
Prayers connects us with the almighty God. And that is the time when we going to forget about the hard times we facing right now. With the time spent in prayers, it heals us for the moment. And that time we feel relaxed.

We tend to feel tension-free after prayers because our negativity of life taken away by God and we receive a positive feel for life.

Prayers helps for good health & bright future
The prayers you are doing right now, are adding some mental relief to you. It’s like doing meditation, that need to maintain good mental health. We pray or thank god for the good thing happen in our life, and he ensures that it’ll also continue in the future as well.

That feeling helps in shaping futures without any doubts & fear, is there when we pray & believe in God.

Believing in god Improve self-confidence
As said earlier, that if you praying god, you connect with the god, you feel the presence of that invisible hand upon you. That feeling of having a god with us will increase confidence in our action.

You become more confident when you pray because you believe that God will take care of you. You feel the presence of god around you and believe that he will never let you feel low, no matter hard situation may be.

You to become a Spiritual person
When you pray regularly, you connect with God regularly. Having a regular connection with him will make you a spiritual person. You become that person who values others’, as valuing own self.

And people around you can feel that positive changes in your life. As a spiritual person, everyone like to trust you even more and take you as the right person to be with.

Prayers help to control negativity inside
Prayers cure whatever negative things have in your mind. Prayers cure for your fear of failure, overthinking, and negative thoughts that can’t let you see the things positively. But prayers to god handle that mind confusion well and improve the faith in own self,too.

For inner peace and to away from that bad thoughts in mind, you need meditation and praying to god regularly.
When you believe in God, you believe in your own
Faith in God and you see yourself becoming mentally strong. Keep doing your work & feel relaxed about whatever troubles you fear from.

Believe in a god that he’ll take care of your problems well, but make sure you not to feel low or lose that hope.
Just believe in God,because he is watching you and will never let you fall. While praying you hear a gods' word that, i know how you feel ,Trust me everything will be fine. This time feel you with inner power and to stay positive in life.

God Will never let you lose the right path
Have faith in God and follow what he wants you to. Keep believing in god, and believe no matter how hard the situation is, he will never leave you alone.

He always leads you to the right path. Whatever you do, just put a god at first place and you will never lose a path.

Believe this is not a hard way, this is the right way. You‘ll never take a wrong path to reach goals early because you don’t want to break god's trust in you.
In prayers, you feel that presence of God and this will give you a strength to stay on the right path.
Never give up, If you wake up this morning…
Because even God has not given up on you.

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