Carpets are one of those accessories for which you cannot find any alternative. They add a touch of elegance to the room along with providing comfort and helping us to keep our homes clean from the dirt from our feet. Having a carpet in the house has become more of an element of style rather than a necessity. Nowadays there are many varieties of carpet available with all the complex weaving and knitting styles. Choosing a carpet will mostly be based on its looks before pondering upon its purposes. There are mainly two broad types of carpets discussed here. One is when the whole house is carpeted, in which case you live in cold countries and in turn requires a whole different method of approach when it comes to carpet cleaning. The other is the regular carpets that are spread in front of the hearth that can be rolled up wherever we want and deep cleaning for such mats or carpets will be more doable.
Before moving on to the reasons why you should be cleaning your carpets regularly, let's look at what your carpets undergo or what do they have to face?

What are the Circumstances Undergone by a Regularly used Carpet?

1. Constantly being stepped on

Carpets are made for the exact purpose of being stepped on. But, when they are being constantly being stepped on, it can be put under the list of things underwent by them.

2. Carpets are the best breeding spot

Insects and microbes like to party under the warmth and moisture of a good old carpet. They also make it their breeding spot and they multiply their numbers

3. Carpets retain wetness

If you have a heavy carpet then chances are, once they are wet, they take forever to dry.

4. Regular accumulation of dust and dirt

More than all carpets trap dust and dirt, which is their original purpose.

Now that we know the situation of a carpet, let us look at why they need to be cleaned regularly?

Why Should Carpets be Cleaned Regularly?

1. Carpets are in direct contact with our feet

Since we step on them regularly, as mentioned above in the ‘circumstances’, we must clean them regularly. At least we must avoid stepping on them with our shoes on. Now you know the major part of carpet sanitization is avoiding the activities that make them dirty. You can practice these simple habits of not wearing your shoes inside the house, not eating or drinking while on the carpet (in the case of regular living room carpets), not letting our pets make them dirty, etc. You can do that by potty training your pet from the day you own it.

2. Carpets allow insects to breed

Again, as mentioned above, carpets must be cleaned regularly as they allow insects and microbes to breed. This can go out of control if left carelessly. Insects can cause a lot of health issues and allergies. Insects can be hazardous to life. They will start infecting area by area in the house. When things go out of control, then, bug exterminators will be the only relief. Microbes, just like insects are also a trouble in the household. Carpets host them for their breeding as well.
This should be a good reason to clean carpets regularly.

3. If you have small kids at home

If you have small kids running around inside the house, then their safety will be your top priority. Carpets must be regularly cleaned so that they do not develop any dust allergies. Also ‘kids’ means lots and lots of spilling food and knocking over stuff. All those food stains must be removed when they are active and wet, so that they do not stain and make the carpet dirty. Another perk of carpet cleaning your carpet regularly would be that who knows you might even find a lot earring or your kid’s tiny toy parts. Even if you are not cleaning vigorously, at least vacuum over it at keep the dust off.

Now that there are enough reasons to clean it, here are a few methods using which you can keep them clean.

  • Vacuuming regularly.
  • Washing with soap and water.
  • Drying in sunlight.
  • Tumbling it to get the dust off.
  • Using stain removers if necessary.
  • Roll them up when not in need.

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