Rebuilding a marriage after an affair can be a very challenging process and only working together as a couple can pass this painful crisis. Communication is the key to finally regain the trust and rebuild any marriage damaged by an affair.

When you as the injured found out about the affair, many thoughts and negative feelings has appeared in your mind, thoughts like:

1. I don't know the person who I am married too any more!

2. How could my spouse break our vows we made in our wedding day?

3. Rebuilding a marriage after an affair is the right move to make or should we put an end to our marriage?

When the partners are having these negative thoughts, the process of rebuilding a marriage after an affair can be much harder and that is why you are struggling to communicate. Your marriage is on the breaking point now so you have to be very careful about what you say and how you say it. And this is why rebuilding a marriage after an affair is all about saying the right words in the right order.

The cheating spouse also is having a hard time passing this painful situations and he or she is having personal negative thoughts that can prevent him or her to express these concerns. The affair can took many forms like: long-term affair, short-term affair, one-night stand, emotional or any other form, but no matter the form the one single reason why the affair took place in the first place is dishonesty.

Rebuilding a marriage after an affair when the cheating spouse is still having a dishonest behavior can be almost impossible, so the first thing is to try to change that negative behavior because this is interfering with your efforts to reestablish the lost communication between you two.

The injured spouse is having a hard time dealing with anger, pain, disappointment and other negative thoughts and in the same time to try rebuilding a marriage after an affair and this is why you and your spouse should both agree to work together using communication and honesty to pass over the affair. This mention may seem too obvious but there are many couples that are not taking this into consideration and because of that one or both partners are still being dishonest.

Honesty is the bond between you two and for your marriage and it is your communication pathway. After you and your spouse decided to work together to rebuild your marriage it is essential that you both are trying to improve your communication skills and rebuilding a marriage after an affair can be done if only you and your spouse are working together.

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