A good relationship does not hinge upon a single key factor. Rather, a good relationship requires a cocktail of ingredients that blend together in the same manner as a good recipe. Like recipes there can be variations made to the balance of ingredients that have the ability to either enhance or spoil the desired result.

Recipes can be adapted to suit a person's sensitivities, so as to avoid triggering allergies to eggs, milk, wheat and so on. They may also be adapted to suit maters of pure taste or social conditioning. Relationships require similar adaptations. A good relationship necessitates a certain amount of give and take, whilst at the same time not compromising the overall balance of the mixture.

Some people have limited taste in food and fear trying new food groups or new recipes. Others have more developed taste buds and will enjoy a wider variety of foods. Relationships can be similar in that some people are very set in their ways or fear change whilst others thrive upon change and excitement.

For a relationship to work well one of the most vital ingredients is the willingness and ability to adapt to circumstances. Being fixed, fearful or too set in your ways thus present a huge barrier to creating a good relationship. What lies beneath these traits is frequently a lack of confidence.

Confidence provides a person with what baking soda does to a regular cake mix. It allows the cake to rise and to become light and fluffy in texture. Without this seemingly insignificant ingredient, that cake remains flat, has an uninteresting texture, and is far less appealing to the palate. It is also more rigid and less flexible.

Thus what is truly the most important ingredient to bring to the relationship table is that of confidence. If you have experienced difficulties in building good relationships then it might be worth your while to consider your levels of self-confidence and self worth. Rate your self-confidence on a scale of 1 to 10 and then ask yourself what you could do to build your self-belief.

Most people do not know what they can do to help to build confidence. They just flounder around thinking that they are stuck in their rut forever unless something miraculous happens to come their way. Hypnosis could just be that miraculous thing, not because it will do the job for you, but because you can employ hypnosis to assist you in becoming more confident yourself.

This is an important distinction. Hypnosis doesn't "do it for you". You use hypnosis to make it work for you. When approached with this attitude, hypnosis is indeed a miraculous tool to be used in the building of self-confidence and in turn creating good relationships.

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