After the affair nothing is the same in your relationship and you are on the edge of breaking up but despite all the negative feelings and emotions you have decided to give your marriage a second chance. You have to start somewhere to repair the damage your marriage has faced and the best thing to start with is working on your communication skills.

Start recovering from affair using these 3 effective steps:

Step 1: Prepare a transparency stage. Even the healthy couples sometimes are struggling to share everything about their personal lives. More difficult is when a couple is trying to survive an affair and they have to be more transparent if they what to rebuild the trust and only through communication recovering from affair details and negative thoughts will be less painful.

Here are some examples when you spouse should be more transparent:

* When she/he is receiving a phone call from someone unknown.
* When your spouse is meeting for lunch or late-night cocktails with unknown people.
* Discuss whenever something is bothering them at home, at work or in general in their lives.

Step 2:Decide as a couple when to be more transparent with each other. You have to know that transparency is a communication skill that will require some time to master and you need to have patience because recovering from affair needs a lot of effort from both partners.

Step 3: Learn to appreciate the efforts that each other are making for saving your marriage. For example you should give full attention to your spouse when she/he is sharing important information with you and also appreciate the effort. Give your spouse eye contact when you two are discussing and listen to what she/he is telling you and be grateful that your spouse is sharing this kind of information with you.

Recovering from affair trauma is the most important step in rebuilding your relationship and understanding that communication is the key. This will help you make the right moves and say the right things at the right moment. You two must become one as a couple and not be only two people who are living under the same roof but be just like a team who knows how to help each other.

Is hard to try to rebuild the trust and your marriage all by yourself even if both of you are really trying to save your marriage. There is help out there like couple counseling and other effective guides that can help you pass this difficult times and help you recovering from affair.

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