Regrets? I have none.

Like yourself, I came to earth to live life to the fullest, to learn, to grow, to share, and to enjoy the adventure. Do you remember that you did the same?

What happened? When did you stop living life to the fullest? That must be the time you started with regrets.

What you have done in the past is gone, and how you view it changes as you change. Sure, I have already done some things you might think I should regret. Well, I may be sorry, I might wish I hadn't done them; but I also know I learned from them, and they were of value. If they keep me from making the same mistake again I should be thankful and have no regret.

Grandpa told me that at the end of earthly life many people have regrets. Some of the biggest regrets are things not done, risks not taken, and life not lived fully.

So, if these are the biggest regrets the older people have today, and you and I know it today, we can change today. Yes, today is the day, right here, right now, is the time to change. Change is as simple as changing your heart. Once your heart is changed you have changed.

There is a saying, “Throw you heart over the bar and your body will follow.” Changing your heart changes your mind and your body and actions follow. It is that simple. Change is as simple as a change of heart. And, you can change it in an instant.

You now remember kids do not have regrets, but they do have lessons. You were a kid once and should be one now. You also know the biggest regrets are at the end of life. So, what are you waiting for?

Yes, you can change today. You can change your heart and work towards, from this day forward, that which you truly want to do, want to try, and want to accomplish.

For me, it is talking. For you it might be a new job, to climb a mountain, to propose to someone, or who knows what. Start today. Start saving the money, start learning the skill, and start making the plan. It is all in the first steps.

Be a kid, have no regrets. You'll be glad you don't.

Author's Bio: 

Russell R. Shippee (b. 1949), an author, speaker, and coach. Russell enables and empowers people to be the best they can be in order to live the life they desire. His book, “Our Journey is Our Work - Creating My Obituary” as well as his eworkbook “Living My Life on Purpose” provides insight so others can change from the expected to the desired. Go to to learn more of his history, accomplishments, and services.