I was introduced to Reiki as a healing energy therapy while I lived in New York. One of the things which greatly appealed to me about my Reiki school in Manhattan was that so many cultures and creeds were attracted to Reiki classes.

Like many other cities, New York has its Irish area, its Jewish and Italian neighbourhoods. For me it was like a breath of fresh air to meet people that I normally would have no occasion to interact with. Reiki energy had a broad appeal that touched people on a deep level despite their diversity.

Reiki in Ireland is popular with all cultures and creeds

I have been teaching Reiki courses in Dublin since 1996. Reiki in Ireland attracts people from a broad spectrum. Many people from a variety of cultures and traditions moved to Ireland during the boom times. These people are now represented at my Reiki classes in Dublin.

It is a true delight to have people who have different points of view about religion unite as a cohesive group when it comes to Reiki healing.

Reiki energy is truly holistic and is not dependent on a person’s belief systems and conditioning. You can happily practice Reiki if you are religious or a non believer. Atheists get just as much joy and healing from this wonderful tool of empowerment.

Nuns and Priests learn Reiki too..

I have taught many nuns and priests Reiki. They love it, and find it a great compliment to their prayer life. A wonderful priest, Fr. Padraig, born in Ireland who now lives in Brazil wrote a great book called Reiki for Christians.

He has in turn introduced and taught Reiki to nuns, priests and even bishops in Brazil. They understand that Reiki is not religiously based and recognise it for what it is – a tool of empowerment.

Why do some people say Reiki is anti Christian?

It has always amused me how some people are concerned about nuns and priests getting involved with healing techniques like Reiki. On some level they think it is in conflict with a Christian belief system.

Such people tend to associate Reiki and Yoga with Buddhism because these techniques have their origins in the east. Of course this is totally incorrect, but closed minds tend not to be great listeners!

From time to time I have participants at my Reiki courses in Ireland who say their relatives were concerned about them getting involved with Reiki, as they considered it anti catholic. I am delighted to report that these participants were mindful enough to make up their own minds about that.

Reiki is there for everyone

The sun, moon and stars show their energy and beauty for everyone. Reiki is not unlike nature in this regard. It is a natural, pure energy which everyone can benefit from.

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