Islam is not only a suite of beliefs but it is wide-ranging way of life. Being a natural faith, Islamic thoughts and policies thoroughly shelter all characters and energies of human beings. The Holy Quran has appropriately labelled all radical, communal, individual, economic and emotional facets of human life and puts on a good system to neutralize issues associated.
Teachings of the Holy Quran and axioms of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) have narrated all possible and central explanations of all kinds of difficulties. At this time, human beings are following worldly method and are moving away from devoutness. Consequently, human beings are fronting a great number of cerebral and emotional difficulties. Prevention, nervousness, unhappiness, stress are some common and slight form mental complaints. Almost everyone is dupe of these complaints and lacking peace of attention. There many actions and physical performs are obtainable but all they are unsuccessful to provide permanent peace. Islam has brought frequent practical preparations of mental contests. With the help of religious compulsions like Namaz, abstaining, Zakat, Hajj and other mystical responsibilities, one can easily counter knowledgeable issues. Islam speaks about carefully improvement of persons. All physical and biological questions emerge from mind and thinking design. All these worships also teach us Principle of Public Rights and Islam. All mystical responsibilities of Islam encompass frequent emotional, physical and communal welfares. Namaz, the leading and compulsory religious accountability, announces about the union, relationship, solidarity and social infrastructures. By execution daily Namaz, people come to know about the issues and needs of their fellow beings and they share with another.
So by sharing their daily routine, they release their stress and tensions and get some suggestions and sympathy. And this practice of sharing is the most reliable therapy of grief and pressure according to psychology of sicknesses. Likewise, fasting in Ramadan above and beyond religious obligation, is best and documented solution of many physical and emotional complaints. According to Islam, in abstaining all Muslims are absorbed to refrain themselves from eating and contact. Fasting teaches spiritualty and piousness in Muslims. Abstaining of Ramadan control the unusual desires and surplus performs of Muslims. In fasting, Muslims are abstained from eating and other prohibited and evil does. Refrainment from eating aids in burning fats and one get lose one’s heaviness. Similarly, fasting also persuade a sense of reasonability and spirits of sympathy towards other fellow beings. Religiousness and piety are the best consequences of abstaining. Abstaining also inspires to curtail fanciful needs and guarantee a peace of mind. Additionally, Ramadan being the divinest moth, is totally reserved for abstaining and other religious responsibilities.
Zakat or obligatory charity is also indispensable for the growth of civilization. All monetary sound Muslims are absorbed to share their wealth needy and deprived. Through Zakat, movement of wealth is indorsed. Current mental difficulties emerge from the economic subjects like deficiency, inflation and joblessness. Inferior complex, prevention, anxiety and sense of responsibility are the examples of these financial restraints. And Islam remove them through Zakat, aid and sadqats. As well, Hajj and Umrah also duplicates the model instance of Unity and Supremacy. Muslims all across the globe collect at hallowed places of Makkah and Medina and comprehensive their religious rites.

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