Kitchen design can simplify or complexity your lifestyle. Hence, it is necessary that when you are planning for kitchen renovations, you consider all factors that can ease off your effort required to work in kitchen. Here are the few kitchen renovations tips that can help you achieve desired cooking area.

Importance of quality materials
Often the quality of material used in kitchen is underestimated. People end up buying drawers that don’t stick to its place and cabinets that don’t stay closed. Avoid fitting made from particle boards, rather choose wood veneer boards. They are more durable even than melamine, laminate and MDF boards. Don’t get attracted by their finishing, there is no sense of investing on fittings that don’t last long.

Height of cabinet matters
Cabinet’s height depends on the height of the ceilings. In case, your kitchen’s ceiling is eight-foot high, install cabinets that touch the ceiling while kitchen renovations. This way, you will get more storage and extra wall space for open racks and artwork. However, if the ceilings’ height exceeds more than 8 feet, leave some space over the cabinets.

Should be stained and painted
Stained-wood cabinets give a natural feel to the home, but most finishes don’t last long and are difficult to alter. Brush-painted cabinets are good options as they don’t need long and meticulous refinishing process. Moreover, they add unique style to the room.

Consider the utility while installing an island
Installing a bulky cube at the middle of the room might be a good idea if it isn’t practically useful. Avoid placing bulky cube that doesn’t have an open and airy look. Usually, islands are not burdened with appliances, but many people like to house a dishwasher sink and a cook top together. However, it is better to keep it as simple as possible. Maintaining a light look of a leggy utility table will make your cooking area more spacious.

4 Choosing right countertops
A countertop for cooking area must be strong enough to bear all abuses and last long. But, elegance and beauty of the countertop also cannot be ignored. Choose white marble stone countertop coupled with stained wood for warmth in the design, or go for honed slate and limestone paired with plastic laminate having wood edge for more sophisticated gaze.

Avoid overdoing the details
It is good to emphasize on design, but make sure you don’t overdo it. For instance, chimney cover or pediments and cabinet fronts’ plaster moldings might signify excessive decoration. Always keep in mind that whatever design you choose for your kitchen renovations that must be compatible with the rest of your kitchen and home interior.

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