A residence permit is a permanent resident card or document that allows you to live in a certain region or country permanently or for some limited time. Many USCIS passport visa lawyers will help you to buy residence permits being in your country if you want to go abroad. It assures that a foreign national is residing in this country on the basis of temporary residence permit or permanent residence permit. Sometimes you can extend a temporary Residence permit in case of your job or contract and sometimes they tolerate an extension for making a permanent residence permit.

The 10 Easiest countries for securing EU residency 

Buy residence permits online, 10 easiest countries allow free visa travel across the Schengen area and most of them are EU countries. 

These countries are:

  1. Austria
  2. Portugal
  3. Italy
  4. Malta
  5. Belgium
  6. Switzerland
  7. Greece 
  8. Spain
  9. Latvia
  10. Monaco



  • Austria – Buy work permit online


Austria allows a work permit for one year that can be extended later without any hurdle if you have liquid assets of at least €33,760 nearly equal to € 40,000 and you have a university degree. 


  • Portugal


Portugal allows a one-year residence permit that can easily be extended for two more years. You should have at least €450,000 approximately €500,000. You can either buy a house of this amount or you can transfer an amount of €1 million or € 846,000 in any Portuguese bank. 


  • Italy


Italy allows permits either for six months, one year, or two years depending on the type of permit you are having. According to the latest law in 2017 either you invest €1 million in a private limited company or donate €1 million to a philanthropic sector. You can also invest €500,000 in an Italian startup or can buy €2 million govt. bonds.


  • Malta


Malta allows a residence permit if you want to live more than 3% and you have to pay 15% tax if you are living in Malta temporarily which is less than permanent residents. You can either buy a property for € 275,000.


  • Belgium


If you want to live in Belgium for more than three months then you have to apply for a temporary residence permit. This temporary visa is called D type visa there. The amount of investment is different for different people in Belgium for applying for a visa.


  • Switzerland


The Swiss immigration system varies among EU and Non-EU citizens. You can get a job offer from any company and you are good to go. You have to assure them your financial conditions are good enough to meet your needs.


  • Greece


Greece allows you to start a business if you have a residence permit that you can get by buying a property worth €250,000. Also, they do not restrict anyone to live their full time.


  • Spain


Being a neighbor of Portugal, this country allows a residence permit if you buy a property of €500,000 worth or invest €2 million in Govt. dept.


  • Latvia


You have to give 5% of the income if you are allowed for temporary residency and you have to buy a property that is worth €250,000 if you want to live in Latvia.


  • Monaco


You just have to add a €500,000 amount in your bank that will stay as it is there for the time you are living in Monaco. Also, you don’t have to any tax not wealth tax and you can enjoy visa-free travel across the Schengen area. 

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