As we enter the third month of social isolation, some areas of the world are reopening, and companies are attempting to resume operations while ensuring their employees' safety.Focal Point Serviced office office the leading provider of serviced office space in Dubai and offices for rent in Dubai thinks the office of the future will almost certainly look nothing like the one we left earlier this year. Meetings, on the other hand, will continue to be an important part of doing business, and video will play an increasingly important role in those meetings. I recently wrote a LinkedIn article about how I envision this new normal to look, but today I'd like to delve a little deeper into what this means for meeting and huddle rooms.

Last year, we were ecstatic to launch GoToRoom and expand our reach and collaborations, allowing organizations all over the world to turn huddle and meeting rooms into video-enabled spaces quickly and affordably. In 2020, we'll continue to extend our GoToRoom offerings, but we'll do so in a slightly different way. Because of the disruption caused by the Coronavirus, video–enabled spaces (and their uses) have changed, but that doesn't make video conference room equipment any less necessary.

In the past, meeting rooms usually had a large number of people physically present, with one or two people joining remotely or from other offices. This paradigm is now being turned on its head: only a few people will be present in the office conference rooms, while the rest will be able to participate remotely. All, however, requires the ability to see and be seen, as well as hear and be heard, as though they were all in the same place.

Home offices with a high-definition camera

One of the most appealing features of GoToRoom is that it can be set up without the need for IT support. GoToRoom is a perfect choice for business executives who need high-quality video and audio when conducting company all-hands meetings, board meetings, investor discussions, or media interviews – all from the comfort of their own home office. Many employees may choose to work remotely full-time after COVID-19, or they may decide that a more flexible schedule is better for them. Workers will seamlessly move from the workplace to home and back by equipping the home office with high-quality equipment.

Huddle rooms are becoming increasingly important.

Although large in-person meetings are unlikely to happen anytime soon, video meetings are still an excellent way to connect with colleagues. Most offices have some kind of small huddle space, and we believe that these rooms will become more important than ever, especially for interactive brainstorming sessions. When brainstorming and iterating on ideas with others, no one wants to be tethered to their desk or a headset. A huddle room is ideal for keeping social distance from coworkers in other parts of the world (or even other parts of the building) while still allowing you to move about, spread out, and share the whiteboard. Huddle rooms with video capabilities have the most lifelike face-to-face experience without the need to be in the same room.

Travel is no longer necessary because board rooms are available.

Many businesses have invested time, money, and energy into designing beautiful board rooms that can accommodate 20 to 30 people. Although sitting side by side in close quarters will become unfashionable in the coming months, that room does not have to be wasted. Since travel will be limited for most of 2020 and possibly into 2021, these board rooms with cutting-edge cameras and sound systems will compensate for some of what will be missed if workers are unable to attend meetings. Many board rooms are large enough for several individuals to participate in a meeting while remaining at a safe distance from one another. They also give meetings with clients or investors a degree of relevance that you wouldn't get in a more informal setting or from your desk.

GoToRoom is available to assist you.

While the environment is changing rapidly, GoTo's dedication to providing creative communications solutions that allow customers to stay connected even in the most critical situations remains unchanged. With GoTo, we want to meet customers where they are, providing all they need for efficient, high-fidelity collaboration while complementing their current workflows and investments. GoToRoom is a simple, efficient, and cost-effective video conferencing solution that supports your teams today and scales with your company in the future.

GoToRoom was launched in 2019 and was designed specifically for conventional meeting rooms. Now, in the year 2020, just as our communication methods change, so do the places and spaces where we work. We're excited to announce that the GoToRoom portfolio has grown and that any ordinary meeting room can now be transformed into a cutting-edge collaboration area, from the home office to the huddle space to the board room and beyond.

We've partnered with industry-leading audio/video hardware suppliers to give our customers more options when determining which room solution is right for them. We have the right solution for any situation your company faces, whether you're shopping based on price, functionality, or a preference for a specific provider.

By extending to huddle and boardrooms with Dolby Voice, GoTo will continue to bridge the gap between virtual and reality with sensational meeting efficiency in home offices and meeting spaces.
GoTo is excited to announce a new collaboration with Logitech to help customers modernize their meeting spaces with cutting-edge video conferencing technology.
As we expand into the next generation of all-in-one video conferencing units, GoTo will continue to push the future of scalable state-of-the-art meeting spaces with Poly.

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