Heaven is depicted in a certain way and yet we do not see those characteristics anywhere on earth. Hence we remain contented with the explanation that heaven is some planet hanging above earth in interstellar space. Astronomers have researched into every nook and corner of the solar system but have failed to find any creatures or joyous comforts. It is believed that in stars, galaxies etc of the cosmos maybe gross or subtly embodied beings dwell. Yet we cannot say that there we can find so called heavenly situations and objects. The same holds true for hell. How do people who die on planet earth reach these worlds? It is very difficult to answer. If one believes only in visible proof then it is difficult to have faith in such beliefs.

Scientists imagine that on death for some time creatures via their subtle bodies roam in the earth’s atmosphere and later maybe they get a chance to don a new body based on their past psychic imprints. Philosophers opine that situations are but the result of our mental state. Those with generous leanings and who by imbibing gentlemanly behavior lead well managed lives based on ideals attain zestful contentment even if comforts are less and situations are not very conducive. This psyche full of goodwill and positive sentiments is called heaven. This heavenly situation manifests even if the house is like a small nest and comforts are minimal. What is the actual reality? In order to give a definite answer there yet remains time to gather visible proof. Till then with reference to this based on beliefs one will have to infer and repose faith in it.

Just like heaven hanging in interstellar space there is a belief that Satyuga or Golden Era had manifested on earth. Satyuga is said to be akin to heaven. The only difference being that in heaven, the enjoyments were sensual or Rajasik and that heaven on earth were full of sacredness, goodwill, cooperation and apt management. This trend benefitted everybody. Very minimal means and comforts were required for normal living. They could be attained via medium efforts and skills. Contentment and joy are synonymous. Those living great lives were full of zest and achieved true bliss. Wherever such joyous situations reigned there Satyuga or Golden era must have existed on earth.

Based on visible proof whether Satyuga era of very ancient times existed or not, one does not know. Yet based on Shruti and Smriti religious texts one can say that such times did exist previously. This time span can be said to be influenced by divine or Rishi tradition. One does not have proof based time measurement of Satyuga and there is no geological/archeological proof too of this. Yet based on mythological information it is believed that Rishi era spanned from thousands of years back up to the time of Lord Ram’s Avatar. Buildings, objects, idols etc of very ancient times could not be protected from the onslaught of seasons and changing times. Yet historical information found in Shrutis and Smriti texts tells us how men in those times acted and thought. On this basis a conclusion can be made that those people were very hard working and full of good thought, character and behavior. They must have lived a life of cooperation, self control and sense of service to the world. Even today we can experiment by asking gentlemanly people to live in large groups harboring good will towards each other, imbibing self control and adhering to do’s and don’ts. Thus the end result will be that even with minimal means and comforts they will live happily and march ahead on the path of both materialism and spiritualism.

What is meant by Satyuga’s Rishi tradition is that those people imbibed discrimination, hard work and gentlemanly behavior in their viewpoint and lifestyle and thus set an example to others to follow suit. He was called a true Rishi who saw his self in all creatures and who believed the entire world to be his family. Naturally such people are skillfully radiant. Very easily they attained the key of world leadership. Everyone loves living in the secure lap of mature elderly people. It is they who are truly capable. Farsighted skillful action is powerful from the bodily standpoint and potent financially too. Their lives are full of self control. The divine tradition of simple living, high thinking is etched in their psyche and behavior. Apart from eking out a living to buy minimal comforts they have time enough to uplift and help others attain greatness like they themselves have achieved. When these high stature people will be in the majority and will use their great influence for world welfare such situations will naturally roll out wherein everyone will get apt comforts and none will experience strife as a result of ignorance, weakness and lack. If where there is a chink in the armor everyone rushes to correct it then due to this capability all problems shall be solved. Goodwill and service to the world are like fertilizer/water which will help bloom this beautiful garden called the world. When this tradition will become widespread, when sacredness will rule the roost at that time the world environment will be full of joy/peace and progress. Thus without any hesitation it can be called the advent of Satyuga or Golden Era.

Such situations did exist in the past. One must without hesitation have faith in it. In ancient times history was recorded without date, month etc. Its necessity was not felt. Shruti and Smriti were 2 bases which were topics of discussion of the nature of our ancestors and from generation to generation it was recorded by Smriti texts. No doubt language and writing advanced much later. Paper and ink were doubtlessly used much later but the tradition of Shruti (hearing) and Smriti (memory) continued from generation to generation and the stream of ceaseless information flowed on. On dipping into this flow we gain the prowess of attaining the knowledge of the 1st chief time span of history. The designing of Satyuga on this basis can be put forth based on joining bits and pieces of information. On this basis is cast the compact image of Satyuga’s reactions and situations.

Every era has its own importance and aspiration. Today everyone desires wealth, pomp etc because they wish to attain more comforts and fame. This bent of mind eggs us to do various tasks and induces us to roam in varied directions. In this flow when transformation takes place the era changes. Due to desire and aspiration our personality advances and so does the atmosphere. Although superficially it appears that via scientists, rulers, wealthy and scholar these situations are created and transformed yet this is not the bare reality. They think, advance and nurture the seeds of public trends. Where does this world trend originate from? The answer to this question is one. People with potent soul force create such a storm wherein not only leaves, grass etc fly far away but that gigantic trees get uprooted. In those days when strong soul power advances at that time the psyche of world public and various situations catch hold of that direction. When such stature people do not exist or weaken a great deal low stature people emerge and induce people to think lowly. This subtle activity manifests as gross activity. In spring flowers bloom, in monsoon plants grow, in autumn trees shed leaves and in summer ponds dry up. Just like seasonal changes, trend set up by potent personalities act aptly. As a result situations change. People take recourse to this trend. Due to a contact, akin to a contagious disease, faith within and actions without transformed for better. Great intellectual super men of Rishi era rendered their character so potent and pious that they helped bring reforms in the lives and thinking of the world society.

This world is full of objects. Only to a certain limit can these be hoarded. There is no end to desires and yearnings. There is no end to augmenting of materialism in order to satiate the ego. As a result when the lower strata of society imitate the vain and pompous lifestyle of the higher strata of society the activities of the former are rendered lowly and unruly. This then is the reason of downfall. Thus eras like a setting sun get engulfed in darkness. Kaliyuga or the Dark Era is another name for downfall. That withered and weak body perceived in old age is seen in the last leg of era flow.

Childhood is full of tenderness, emotions and purity of heart. As one grows up desires and playfulness is noted. In youth there is ego and ultimately in old age we wait for death. After this a new birth takes place. The 4 eras are like 4 stages of one’s life. In these days we are readying for death. But that day is not far when a radiant future shall step in. In the 21st century such a pious dawn is about to manifest.

When a wheel rotates again and again it comes back to its original place. When old clothes get tattered they must be replaced by new ones. Only what has to be noted is that how this new era will manifest. Only that happens, which takes place at the beginning of Satyuga. The Rishi tradition has reawakened. It has bloomed forth and world humanity has benefitted from it. When the viewpoint transforms the atmosphere too changes. When uplifting takes place a downfall occurs later and vice versa.

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