Revati Nakshatra comes under the divine enclosure of deity Pusan that starts with 16:40 degrees plus ends at 30 degrees in Pisces zodiac or Meena. It is largely ruled by planet Mercury throughout the given confinements. On the other hand, the arena of this particular Nakshatra perfectly comprises the shades of nourishment, protection, bliss, vivaciousness, brilliance, growth and prosperity. According to the astrologers, the actual arena of this Nakshatra is strongly believed to be the direct birth star of Shani. Therefore, it would directly and indirectly impact the enclosure on the natives of this Nakshatra.

The natives of Revati Nakshatra have strong body formation with special features. They are strongly believed to be independent souls who carry enough courage and valor. They aren't much spiritual personas. They adopt the practical approach towards their personal and professional life. They are highly intellectual but sometimes fickle minded individuals. On the other hand, they carry all the needed and required attributes to development and growth towards the heights of respect and affluence with a lot of perfection. The natives of this Nakshatra would be largely attached to their family members, close relatives, colleagues and intimate friends. They are learned personalities. They love to help others in certain extreme situations, conditions and circumstances.

Male Natives - The male natives of Revati Nakshatra have strong personas. They have symmetrical formation of body. They have good physique along with potent personality. They have medium heighten stature. They have fair complexion as it largely further enhancing their dominance and appeal in the masses. They are truly kind and affectionate at heart who strongly believes in humanity. They use soft at their words. They are easily hurt. They are quiet sensitive at heart. On the other hand, at their personal and professional approach, they are very practical. They wouldn't trust upon anybody under any situations, circumstances and conditions.
The male natives of Revati Nakshatra are truly spiritual personas. They are persons of principals and morals. Upon their inner voice, they deeply believe. At their outer façade, they would appear very strong throughout their life but actually they fear of facing different types of hurdles in their personal and professional life. They receive blessings from almighty to lead a happy life with joy and satisfaction to a great extent. They are hard working persons who are blended with commitment and dedication. They work hard for success with a lot of perfection.

The male natives of Revati Nakshatra stand high in their professional arena. They are born leaders who can lead a large group of team mates. They are very active from the core of their heart. They are very sincere and honest persons. They are endowed with best intelligence and good attributes. They are respected by others because of their helping nature. They may become government employees or work in the field of research activities, medical, history and science. They are also a writer or poet because of their keen interest in literature. In their approach towards work culture, they are known for their fantastical and creative idea.

The male natives of Revati Nakshatra will have good family circuit with cooperative and coordinating life partner and affectionate children. They will have the supports of their parents and in-laws. They receive good respect from their intimate friends, close relatives and family members. They are truly flexible in attitude. They are known for their active indulgence in cultural programs and social activities. They may suffer from intestinal ulcers, ear problems, dental problems and comprising fever.

Female Natives – The female natives of Revathi Nakshatra are largely endowed with attractive and beautiful appearance. They have natural charm. They are highly dominating with gorgeous personalities. Their immense attraction makes head turn around them in the masses. They can be easily recognized in the crowd. At the sight of hurdles and failures, they feel very weak and hurt. At times, they are stubborn. They get angry very often in extreme conditions, situations and circumstances. They speak very soft to others. They are truly affectionate personalities with lot of love and care for others. They are deeply spiritual and religious. They prefer to visit holy places and temples on significant dates. At certain times, they could also emerge as callous, harsh and stubborn. In the society, they like to serve public.
The female natives of Revathi Nakshatra are true believers of divine presence. They easily understand the difference between right and wrong in their personal and professional life. They adopt primitive culture and orthodox principals. They follow the given rules and regulations plus instruction in a strict manner. They are much protective towards their family members, close relatives and intimate friends. They work with full cooperation and coordination with others. They have practical approach towards anything. They will face friction with her husband in her marital life. In domestic affairs, they are very efficient. In the household administration, they are very smart. In the open market, they may prefer to work in the agricultural field or sell fishes. Some aren't business minded people. They are good at decision making in their personal and professional life. They don't make enemies in their life in any given conditions, situations and circumstances. They are termed to be very caring and affectionate persons. They indulge in social service from the core of their heart for the given society at large. They respect their elders.

They are known for their hard work with much dedication and commitment in their professional life. They carry better valor in their persona and appear vivacious. They are firm in their decisions. They are termed as straightforward in their career aspects. They are good at cooperating and coordinating with their professionalism. They help other wholeheartedly in difficult situation and take interest in solving their major and minor problems. They are actually kind hearted persons but are very sensitive in certain situations, circumstances and conditions. They maintain very cordial relationship with others. They may indulge in business activities wholeheartedly. The female natives of Revathi Nakshatra may suffer from deafness, deformities of the feet, intestinal ulcers and abdominal disorders. They need to consult the doctor periodically and strictly follow medication for solving their health issues.

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