Being a Metaphysician I sometimes feel as if I am living in the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Often I feel that I ride in my spaceship that I call my life, and am in communication with many otherworldly beings from different dimensions and galaxies, which are my advisors and my friends.

Oddly enough that is exactly what my life is. Though some find this truth to be mysterious, it is simply my daily life.

The year 2010 has proved to be an extensive year of change and challenge for the whole world. I must admit that I felt for a time over the past 5 years that this new balance between the dark and the light might not take place, but I am happy to report that it has. This means that great shifts of energies needed to change the momentum on a global scale for us humans as a people and a society can now begin to head towards some form of common goals and well being rather than simply divested greedy interests.

The world can finally begin to change for the better in all areas and interests ecologically as well as economically. Governments have already begun to change their perceptions as to what is in the best interest of the people and the land they live upon. Scientists are discovering whole other star systems and planets they never saw before and the earth shifts have become a sign that if we do not change for the better and work together we will be destroyed by mother nature herself.

Why we need such high tension in our world in order for us to challenge the status quo is beyond me. I think that without tension we do not know how to move to a place of safety and well being. You see, just as the balance of the light and the dark, so do we need balance in ourselves to relieve the tension and bring in inner peace. Like walking a tight wire, it is actually staying on the wire that brings the inner peace needed to accomplish the task to walking across it. Yet while balancing on the wire we have a different form of tension. One that lets us know we are safer and in more control by keeping the balance than if we fall.

So has it been with the course of humankind over the many eons and centuries of time passed. Until the past hundred years we did not even have or develop the technological and industrial advances that could hurt this planet earth and her atmosphere on a global scale. I correct myself by adding, as some believe, that we had the abilities to do so during the time of Atlantis and fell from the tight wire because of their misuse.

Whatever you believe, it has been a long time in coming to bring us back to point where the light and the dark were balanced. What this balance presents for us is hope and possibilities. Hope that the whole of humankind can change its consciousness and learn to live together as a global people and the possibilities for the betterment of the earth, the atmosphere, plant mineral and animal are now endless.

I am a visionary, and what that means to me is that I see things multidimensional and understand what is being revealed. In about August or September of 1999 I saw the parallel universe merge with our universe. I did not know what that meant at the time but I felt that we in this Universe were put on notice at that time that one of two things could follow. We as a whole people and planet would both get our act together and heal the planet and each other or the parallel universe would eventually split off again. This story has been told often in other ways by scriptures and myths and some even say that we would taken home by spaceships. At any rate those who have evolved and are ready to live in peace harmony and union with nature would go with this loving parallel universe while the world as we know it would be left to develop through its own demise.

After many years of anchoring light and working with the inner dimensional worlds and beings I was beginning to see that so many species of plant and animal were leaving that I hardly thought the balance of light and dark would even take place in my current lifetime. But lo and behold, after the Solar Eclipse in Virgo September 2006, I was surprised to find that finally the light and dark had found such balance. Just a mere seven years after the two Universes merged.

What does this mean to metaphysicians and light workers around the globe? It means that all the lifetimes of hard work and teaching evolution did not fail. Success for the entire human race and the current Universe are now possible once again. I would like to say that there was never a doubt in my mind that this would happen, but I had grave and serious doubts over the past seven years, so you can imagine my joy and excitement at this time.

Some interesting tidbits of information to validate some of what my visions state. Since the year 1999 astronomers have found an entire new star system they never saw before. They have discovered that brown dwarf stars are numerous and probably contain methane making them possible for life and humans to live on them.
Astronomers discovered that the Star Eta Carinae has doubled in brightness. Astronomers say Eta Carinae was a routine part of the Southern Hemisphere but since the 1840's it has become dimmer and dimmer This star suddenly doubled or even tripled in brightness over the span of a year and a half in 1999. The star is 7,500 light years from Earth and is among the most massive and energetic in the known Universe. (Some information taken from the Associated Press, Chicago) It is equal in size to 100 suns and it emits 5 times more powerful energy than the sun.
Astronomers have now found so many space stars and planets that they think they have to re-number and re-name the planets in our solar system. They have also discovered numerous Galaxies they never knew existed before.

In Columbia, a native group of nearly 80 people wandered out of the wilderness half-naked and declared themselves ready to join the modern world. These people had lived in the Amazon jungle for many generations knowing little if anything of the modern life or money.

Though ocean floors are sharing in the devastation of human waste and debris new life is being discovered upon the ocean floors that absorbs carbon monoxide. I believe that the Oceans are the main ingredients to us turning around global warming. I believe that the consciousness and life contained in the waters of this planet can give us our lives back.

On one of my many journeys to the ocean floors I saw where many of the plant and animal species disappearing currently from our planet, are being taken to the parallel Universe and will not be extinct. Sometimes I wonder why I see so much that seems so unreal to the everyday observations I make in daily life.
I was shown long ago the pyramids on the ocean floors as well as the underground tunnels that carried the connection of them to one another. I know that the Earth and this Universe are much more mysterious than any of us really realize. Whether you believe there is a source of all life or whether you simply believe that we evolved from the water we humans are a mysterious breed

Though we have focused in the past on what the problems of the world are it is now time to focus on solutions. Many great souls of vision are doing just that. The Dalia Lama and other Nobel Laureates, the Clinton global Initiative, Al Gore and his awareness of global warming projects, Oprah Winphrey and her work with Africa and other nations as well an Anjolina Jolie, Brad Pitt as well as Michael Moore for bringing truth to the many.

I believe that many of the worlds leaders are currently changing their perception and trying to figure out ways to bring peace and balance to their home life and people. I believe that at last war is becoming an outdated version of solution verses problem and I believe that if we truly tried to understand the mentality and religions of other cultures and peoples that we could find away to all get along.
Oppression and hatred fuel all violence, control and retaliation. As long as we continue to make and sell weapons of mass destruction there will be wars. But it is not a weapon that declares a war but people.

When individuals are fighting for their beliefs it creates a strong and lasting war. If all people understood that everyone has the same rights and can worship freely as they see fit then there would be no need for religious war.
If the wealth of the world were evenly distributed among peoples and nations there would be no need for wars. Yet we fail to as a worldwide community to share our wealth and resources in a manner that is good for the whole. By doing so, we would allow ourselves more time to find the proper kinds and use of energy to sustain us as a community of people and also sustain this beautiful planet earth and her atmosphere.

People of the world are fear based. Everything in their lives has been based on their individual basic survival. By this continuing as a way of life peoples of the world feel they have no choice but to deal with the immediate situation in their path as the only option to living. This is a program and a lie that has been perpetuated for way too long.

It is time for balance and harmony to have a chance at making and giving life its meaning. It is time for all of peoples of the world to decide that they deserve to live with dignity and respect and have their fair share of resources and kindness. It is time for there to be only one prime directive, and that is for the peoples of the world to care about one another and realize that we all want and need the same things for and from one another. To live in balance and harmony with one another and our planet Earth and her atmosphere.
This is my vision of hope and the future. I know that what we are seeing with our outer vision is quite different and the dimension I see, and know that it may, or may not, be made manifest in my current lifetime. But I know I have seen it and it is real, therefore I will continue to live my life knowing that many missions have already been completed and some have just begun.

Living and evolving is the ultimate experience. Every moment holds a lasting energy. Be of Love.

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Spiritual Inspirational Teacher, and Motivational Speaker.
Athene's whole heart, being and personality are involved when Speaking, Teaching and Writing. When Athene is with a group, transformative changes take place individually, as well as collectively. She has been on her Joureny of Light and Enlightment for over 20 years. She wishes only that everyone could see the beauty that lies within.

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